3:33, messages and memories.

As the organic chemicals metabolized within me, a new form of reality presented itself rather vividly.

Every single part of me expanded ever so exponentially; I was sweating physically yet bleeding mentally, as my emotions and ego began to seep into the wooden floor, visualizations enveloped my entirety.

These were memories, thought waves and perspectives that I could certainly not ignore, for I was completely and utterly smitten by realizations, reasoning me to implore and explore my current predicament.

For there is nothing I resent nor anything that I envy.

Yet regrets are another matter entirely; some that I could not understand previously, so through hard errors alone did I learn the lessons in which I would never repeat.

For our skin hardens furthermore as each day and night rises and fades.

Unless of course we expose ourselves to transparency, therefore accepting that which is as the concrete reality.

For the wind drifts and so do I, the sun is high and so am I, simple allegories that resonate with this aerial predicament.

Transcending a disposition that depleted my invigoration.

As waves of various shades wash me anew, exposing me to the images of horror and beauty, those which I’ve invoked and been exposed to.

I see, here and now, that the mistake is nothing more than added weight.

It can be released and healed,maybe momentarily forgotten, yet that is not what I wish to demonstrate.

For right now I shall sing true and let you in on a little secret.

Every night I ache, and attempt to work through the pain. That I invoked upon a moonlit woman, who in turn now treats me as a ghost which she remembers with disdain.

Does that set the picture perfect frame that you had in mind, or have you in turn felt the pain of a lost love that you can’t simply relinquish and leave behind?

For I wander endlessly, and through these mystical experiences I fear that alone I have lost my true love.

A perspective by chance, certainly, yet I see her still. Every second glance.

Inferno, burning up beyond comfort.

This rush of exhilaration is caused by nothing more than a boost in serotonin.

Locked and loaded, imploded and implying that certainly the ghosts that cling to me, are shades of my own cognitive faculties.

Living in the present certainly , yet for therapeutic measures, expanding upon these taunting thoughts is a positive benefit, and that is a certainty.

To be honest with you, although my stalwart heart is strong, there are areas of history that will inherently destabilize me immediately.

For when you are deep in the trance of love, ever so passionate and starry eyed, nothing else in the world seems to matter, all you do is fly.

This is my inspiration, and do you know why?

For we can only ride the endless waves of time, learning from our errors and victories, as we traverse an ever changing destination within the illusion of time.

Ultimately the realization that we are but a fragment of the collective experience and that each energetic exchange is imperative to the structure of our universal existence.

For there can be no push without a pull, no light without the darkness, no love without some plights.

What matters in the end is that we understand and reach out to one another, forever doing that which is morally right.

Yet that differs from me to you, as we are different pieces of an exponential puzzle, uniquely embedded individually.

Decisions, decisions, they taunt and haunt me endlessly, to the point in which I am forced to bleed and release my hearts vindication so that I may further evolve willingly.

As I’ve seen both the dark night and the light days, haven’t we all? Yet at this moment in time I feel as light as a feather, for the weight of the mountain can be carried for only so long.

Unbeknownst to me, maybe unknown to you, the simplicity in living symbiotically is that we must always feel love and compassion towards another’s point of view.

That is what I personally lack, and to be quite frank it has lost me life and treasures in exchanges for the opposite.

Transactions that cost me, lost me in the abyss, only through restraint and an iron soul do I persist.

For empty moments lead me to the exact same time in place, a faded moment, a memory of tranquility which I fondly embrace.

To see the face of an earthly angel gently wrapped around your essence, a dualistic presence of love that inspired me to let go of my pretence.

For if you know the ego of this holographic shade that proclaims in vain his poetic and storytellers brain, then also, you would know from whence this creativity came.

As through suffering and remembering we expand upon the truth of ourselves. For if I were to only remember the love and beauty, then how would I be able to change and get help?

Is that what I at last release?

The lies and fallacies that have plagued me since inception?

For through my manifestation I’ve felt the pain and hunger that is not worth remembering.

Causing pain for the sake of the satisfaction of my emotional embodiment, that is a characteristic that I wholeheartedly and honestly resent.

So here it is, here is my pact.

To reveal myself truthfully, lovingly and passionately, if you seek me out once more when you find yourself on the opposite track.

For the chemicals that immerse and transmute my membrane, always point me back on track to you, sweet jewel, I’d understand if you never receive this message, if you wholeheartedly have erased the love and tribulations that we faced.

Then if that is the case, a message to my brothers and sisters of all cultures and race.

Love is the only truth, a compass that points us to the light of our life.

If you have that chance to experience a soulful unison of bliss, I highly recommend it.

Rewind, repeat, still attempting to transcend it.

A moment of truth. This year has been full of growth, pain, love and tribulations for me personally. Reflection hasn’t always been easy.

I am such an intense individual.

At times, I forget about my own needs, and then in turn, can’t meet the expectations of others, or I just take out my issues on them because I haven’t released the steam valve in quite some time.

It’s very important to embrace clarity during the process of healing. It’s really important to remember that you are just one perspective, and to then in turn put yourself empathetically in the others shoes.

We really are all the same deep down, very similar dreams of happiness and success, love and prosperity for our friends and family.

So, what I am saying is, I’m grateful. I’m also really fucking sad. My heart’s broken. I’m happy and growing each and every day. However, there are some truths that never fade.

So much love to you all. Thank you kindly for reading my work, writing really is the vessel in which I release my heart.

My new single “Escape the Dream” is out now and available on all music platforms, check out the link below to listen and show some love,


Sending you Light through Love,


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