Space and it’s Shades

Releasing as an arrow yourself from the vessel of possession.

For there are moments in which we must disengage completely, so that we may meditate through introspection.

For each and every day fades away ever so vividly, if you are unable to presently actualize your energy intending that which you wish to portray.

As we dismantle the complex in which we have invented mentally and continue to expand, there are moments, don’t you think, in which you contemplate if fate is truly within your hands.

The belief that we truly understand each action undertaken daily is through our own will, now that is an interesting question.

If you consciously are aware of your daily interactions then possibly you’ll notice a trending fashion.

For if we constrain and retain all of our energetic exchanges, then eventually there is a strong possibility that we could end up deranged.

Estranged as well to the point where you can no longer tell, which way is up or down, so you envelop yourself in a numbing veil.

When the simplicity of the concept, fight or take flight, can be directly applied to almost every situation in which your heart must abide.

For outside the storm, we find peace, release from the concept of what we believe ourselves to be and suddenly these negative thoughts cease.

As there is truly no reason to withhold your passion, cage up your heart and resort to a soulless sentence.

For here it is, outside of ourselves, perspectively and empathetically we attach ourselves to understanding these situations which previously caused us pain and pointless thrills.

For these hills are wide, high and vacant, let’s climb a peak and discuss this riddle, maybe through compassion we can come to an agreement.

Seizing the moment, and truly seeing yourself as one with life and truly sailing freely through it.

As there has never been a reason for us to pretend that we are lesser than the infinite embodiment of pure possibility.

This is the Dream I see, a symbiotic collective that no longer cycles through past mistakes and moves toward a betterment of our collective Humanity.

A choice for you and a choice for me, to expand on our endless horizon and reconnect with ourselves truthfully.

As I sit upon the emerald hills and watch the rolling sapphire sea, I acknowledge that here at this moment in time, I am exactly where I am meant to be.

Detached from that which clings to me internally and it fades slowly within as a fire that is rather dim, who knows what the universe holds for you, who knows what it truly holds for me.

A phantom from past time moves in the shadows as an angelic presence springs forth with renewed insight, in the middle I lie, fluidly flowing through the wild hills within my mind.

Patience is a virtue. Thanks for reading my friends, please follow the blog to stay updated as I post rather frequently and please do share with friends and family, have yourselves a lovely week.

I just released a new single and it would mean a lot if you took the time to listen to it by following the link below (avalible on all major platforms),

Sending you Light through Love,


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