Wecken Liebe

Conclusions, the closing of an incredibly beautiful yet challenging chapter, that which has unfolded ultimately yields a result, to glory or to a fault.

For we live in an obscene paradise, riddled by rules, flags and dictations that do not inherently reside within our soul’s enclave.

Yet we abide, do we not?

Even if our stomach is tied in knots as our true heart’s desire lays deep within a lost cage.

These are our sunken demons, the emotions and memories of darkness that have not yet processed, above these are those of happiness, passion, serenity- the deeper we dive.

Intact and in fact there is irony to that, for there is nothing but philosophy and possibilities laying in the past, when the remainder of the story has yet to be understood through the act of continuing.

Pursuing, achieving, believing, running, what is the destination?

For we have endless vocations presently available at the nearest educational institution, where swarms of us form together to pursue a resolution, only to be enveloped into the storm of our insanity, when we should simply go outside the box and envelop natural restitution.

For there is a solution, is there not, as we further advance beyond previous into present thoughts, we are not on trial, you are not who you used to be, nor are you meant to be programmed with mindless thoughts, unless you wish to be a robot.

For clear thoughts appear in moments of absolute truth, when we at last forgo our egotistical pursuit and live present in this very moment where the only truth is that which you choose.

As we fragment the longer we remain stagnant, so further discovery is crucial to our own development, understanding in between the lines as you dissect, whatever appears to be the simple message present within each and every sentence.

As the Sun came to a standstill, the hairs on my arm stood as I felt pierced with a frosty chill, down to my knees I fell and pleaded, but forgiveness is only accepted when the fault is admitted, and so it’s due, bare to the web of disconcerting truth.

The only love of my ever life was pushed away due to my own insecurities, vices and emotional anguishes, when in fact she herself had been through hell and back too.

Now that’s a story, no glory, short and to the point without a sweet scent rolling.

As we progress through the continuum of this matrix, now do you understand the basics of this moment in stasis?

Acceptance and Understanding outside of your body, that will allow you to see the bigger image.

As we get so caught up in these fallacies and errors that cling to our ever opening society.

Yet there is only one unique seed, in which you are growing into an endless tree.

So continue to expand beyond this endless sea, for you alone are in charge of your reality.

Two options as always, your path ever winding, alas the law of duality.

Beautiful twilight, release is best when you are alone in the thick of night. Grateful my friends, thank you for reading. Please follow the blog to stay updated, as I post rather frequently. Share with your family and friends, word of mouth is how my work gets around!

I also just released a new single titled “Escape the Dream”, check out my music, another of my passions, by following the link below,


Sending you Light through Love,


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