Edge of the Fire

Confusion and fear are components of the journey, absolute in essence and unavoidable as we scale the pyramid towards self realization.

It is how we handle and ultimately solve these predicaments as they bloom into our lives that truly matters.

As each individual is met with certain circumstantial endeavors no matter what, each culture is vibrant, mentalities vary, lifestyle’s peculiar, systems of faith that differ, and those without food and water.

The way we endure ensures that no matter what, even the greatest of lovers see differently than the other, do you think not?

Just as in the beginning, challenges and tribulations arise the more you grow and awaken, the more you prove yourself capable of handling these situations, the more the Universe will in turn open to you, and challenge your realizations.

Suffering ensues if we are not wary and conscious of the possibilities before us.

For anything is capable of happening at any given time and our very lives can be over before we even realize, in the blink of an eye.

Yes, we do take chances, partaking in the full circle so that we may experience furthermore what is wrapped throughout this holographic composure.

The more exposure to entirety, you more you realize it is a fallacy, an egotistical game that those who have not dissolved continue to play.

What do we portray, the reign of night and day?

For it is numbing being without critical thoughts, for only through acknowledging and dissolving these shadows of our past can we integrate throughout our life what we have wrought.

Here and now, without a second thought, let us move forward without chains into reclamation of pure intention.

Can there truly be satisfaction when we are wrapped in a cycling whirlwind, that doesn’t reinforce us into the further pursuit of what makes us human, our dreams and passions, what else in life is there worth exploring?

Yet ultimately, as these I purge my daily atonement, forevermore increasing my discipline, to resign and give in, for the only control we ever had, was at this moment in time, never the past.

That’s truly a relief is it not, to at last walk free from that which once was, for now at last you can breathe freely with and empty mind and open heart.

My friends, thank you for reading. I am going to begin my vlog soon, which will literally just be audio version of the blog posts, I’d like your thoughts, do you believe it would be easier for you, as a reader, to listen? If you guys wish to support me, simply follow the blog, I post daily. Spread word to your friends and family if you want to show me some love and have yourself a lovely weekend!

I just released a new single, I’m a musician as well and it’s my other greatest passion other than writing, if you could give it a listen by following the link below I would be super grateful!


Sending you Light through Love,


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