Smoky Shadows

Folding and expanding among the waves of discord, suddenly soothed into clarity by an unwavering light insight of me.

Henceforth, there can be no distortion when it comes to true emotion, as it must be realized immediately and then actualized to reach full potential.

Blooming or Brooding, chaos or serenity, there is a song that always comes through to me in the twilight hours of late, two heart beats and our love as the rhythm, your lyrical serendipity embraces my soulful symphony forever.

The Universe, this song that divulges our composition, reminds us of the division of our collective initiative.

As each chord is strung and another tune set into play, we are reminded of the presence innately unique within our entirety.

A realization seeps into me, providing peace and pain immersed as an elixir that I sip with hope and disdain.

Memories of wrongs that I have wrought, treasures that I have lost and in the end what has it cost, my everything in a single sentence.

So now the time for change sets in, apparently, yet the taste on my lips has not yet passed.

Under the shade of irony, I meditate upon the present, lessons through these sessions, recently I’ve been paying attention.

For discretion and ignorance have always been embedded in my essence.

Acknowledgement. Each and every day I delve deeper than before. To explore and implore, so that I do not engage the vicious cycle once more.

The sun sings to the moon as she valiantly dances her way into the ebony stage, to shine in such a mysterious and searching way.

Sending you Light through Love,


Check out my latest song below,

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