Light Eating Shadows

We arrive fragmented and uncertain in a strange land that does not align with our principles.

The entirety of this mystery is deepened the further we tunnel, continuing the struggle.

Aimless within this trance, a certain darkened space, here I remember as sweet neurons connect, shooting colorful spiraling imagery ever so vividly throughout my membrane, dividing my stance.

As before it shall continue no more, until at least we surrender and further implore, our own ignorance, for only we alone can expand the horizon from which we watch this fabricated state of chaos hang in stasis.

It is somewhat outrageous, yet we as a collective go through phases, strange times call for sudden wonders, in a world where infinite possibility is a low probability unless you awaken from a rather cleverly devised slumber.

For here we simply see truthfully and with complete and utter sincerity, that we can live this way no longer, for progression in this sense is blatant digression if you open your eyes and see, that we can only learn from one another, teach and heal our battered bones, wandering minds and dampened spirits.

Only connection is key and from then we must accept that on everything certainly we shall not agree, however if we are at least capable of seeing from one another’s perspective empathectically, then surely we can appreciate each other’s unique qualities.

Dancing in the fire, under the dimly lit ivory grove, singing our true songs of the soul, if only for a moment objectively, we could feel free from this concrete digital city.

For it is deep within my bones, oh loving laughter, I hear it whispering as the wind passes through the sky, I am whole once more, it feels like so many times in this life alone I’ve died.

For we are reborn once we see ourselves for who we truly are, not the lost Minotaur in the labyrinth preying on those from afar, but the hero or heroine who ultimately confronts and eternally slays their futile shadows.

At last allowing themselves to grow into the Universal Spirit, seeing the whole yet understanding from an individual point of view, exactly where to start.

As it starts with you as it starts with me, at last preparing the ritual of self love and holding yourself accountable for the dreams that you wish to manifest in this reality.

For it is foolish to live without fear, however if close to your heart it always remains near, how on this Earth do you intend to unleash your innermost song?

As we all wish to sing along, allow the sweet wonder of your divine potential to activate inherently, when you do what you love, you’ve discovered your lucky charm.

Sending you Light through Love my friends,


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