As paint settles

Sincerity in the moment of that which is true is the utmost truth, is it not?

For we are ever dissolving, fragmenting and becoming, absolving if you will, into the utmost absolution.

Destruction and Creation, the perfect dichotomy?

If you truly think about the parallels that separate both you and I, then possibly you shall see.

Utterly and eternally however, allow us to attempt to represent that which is present.

At times spiced with contempt and hatred, yet as we always acknowledge, that is mere egotistical heresy, for the only constant is our unique change, so then why do we challenge one another’s beautiful fluttering?

Away and farther than before, allow me to concur, this moment is a pleasantry, possibly nothing more.

Yet that is the sake of us, is it not, simply this.

What will you make of it, what shall I fabricate in the midst of the twilight, robust and empowered by nothing more than dreams and passing fantasies.

Antagonists, these phantoms are, that ultimately prove me, us, whomever, to be the true protagonist.

For through tribulations in the darkness, we persist, we do, even if the cycle is similar.

Similar cycles, they breed nothing but change, and contempt, certainly that as well, for those unable to partake in the paradise that we create, amidst these parasitic shadows, they cling to us, the more we shake them, the deeper they sink.

Let’s take one another’s hand and take flight into this light, for that which is right uplifts us from the deepening, the further fragmentation.

Discover and seek furthermore, there is no instigation, for all you are is all you have ever been.

The deeper the penetration the further you realize that you alone had yourself on eternal probation.

Hear me, do ya now? Just a little piece of the puzzle.

Sending you Light through Love,


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