Slide through Space

Living outside of yourself, as though on autopilot, you vividly experience this unraveling journey that seemingly has no limits, without control.

Can there be contentment within the realms of the wild?

Upon the plains of the unexplained where we further venture into the abstract domain in which we relinquish our claim to this parallel of dominance, control and unwavering dismay.

For there are places within this infinite space that represent every single emotion, a visual representation of both joy and pain, rather profane, yet there is a peculiar beauty emitting from the chaotic serenity situated within me.

Tired and undaunted, for I am chasing this thought wave, attempting to explain the disposition of my further expanding ventures.

As we were born from the ashes and guided by the stormy winds, now, there is a clear horizon and as always, a fresh start is exactly where we shall begin.

For traversing through the tribulations and challenges of our very humanity in the end proves our very own sanity.

For there is balance as always, meaning we suffer just as we are pleased, appeased to the point of our own discontentment while others are scraping with little to work with but their hands and feet.

So we must see past this perspective, more so, I must, as always, this is a passage, one most importantly about growing and evolving, and that all starts with self love and trust.

For through sincerity through both you and me, we can develop an unshakable foundation built on truth, rather than one built on whispers and uncertainty.

There is nothing more than possibility, and that is the promise of entering this universal mystery.

For we are bound energetically at this moment in time for an untold period before we release once more to eternity, so rather than choke ourselves up and hush, why can’t we allow ourselves to truly feel our bodies and sing free?

For there is far more than this vessel and that shallow small talk, we are an endless abundance of information sprouting from our ancestral backdrop.

As there is a pattern, one meant to be broken so that another may at last take root and increase the potential of our truth, our blinding souls are never defeated.

Through all the waves of time and space, the ups and downs, the moments of shame and grace, take face and take heart, your shoulders high and your spirit soaring.

For this is your moment alone, if only you will take it.

It is far easier to destroy something so beautiful than it is to create it, so I must emphasize that you alone have the divine potential to demonstrate a form of art that to this realm, has not yet made it.

We need ourselves as we need one another, so when you see you family, shed a little ego and love a little more, grab the love of your life and allow your connection to soar, hold your friends as they would hold you, remain true to the beauty that flourishes solely within you.

The unknown shows us furthermore our shadows and our light. Discover and venture forth into the eternal dawn and infinite twilight.

I hope everyone’s having a good start to the week, keep on shining that light my friends. I really appreciate you guys reading, just as I love releasing my truth. You can support a brother by following the blog and sharing it with your tribe.

Sending you Light through Love,


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2 thoughts on “Slide through Space

  1. Inspiring affirmations, thank you for adding a little light to the world!

    Liked by 1 person

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