Moonlit statues, dance

We scream as we gasp for air, smolders infinitely around us as an ebony sun sets.

A moment later, wrapped in a picture perfect serenity, surrounded by love and opportunity.

The dualistic nature of our very Humanity is represented upon our earthly plane, ever so clearly.

On scales of the micro and macro, our roots have grown deep, yet not rightfully so.

For we forget our true nature, as we wander down these streets.

Black and white, varying shades of grey.

These are the faculties of a numbing control system, and that has never truly appealed to me.

For I am a wild man, free and well mannered, roaming endlessly throughout the physical and astral lands, and if you would allow me to beseech, this message within my heart.

As I know not where to start, for there is no beginning nor end, simply this very moment in time in which we are attempting to transcend.

In either direction, above or below, depending on where you will your energetic attention.

So be it we are in a downwards cycle, if it isn’t clear to see then simply sit back and listen a while.

As our earth burns as maniacs count their finite plunder, leading us closer and closer towards a foreseeable disaster.

As we have built ourselves a secure nest based on fear, yet who is it that controls the switch atop the pinnacle, do you truly believe they hold you and your family’s best interests dear?

Unfortunately that is not the case, for it is clear to see through open space that we are racing towards our very end, alas the concept of the rat race.

For we attempt to keep pace with a society that has never even slightly embraced our truest passions, our inner spirit, the love that burns within us all.

Rather on the contrary, we live in a matrix that embraces stasis and degeneration, with a blatant taste for the future and a shiny infatuation that is never satisfied, a hungry ghost that shall never die, for that is the darkness within the collective of the Human spirit, a shadow so dark that taunts always those closest to it.

When in reality we live in the prism, a vibrant rainbow that is constantly expanding and contracting depending on one’s perception.

For it is through our vision, our own intuition that unlocks the future story line’s in which we may possibly inhabit.

As within this immense fantasy we are capable of harnessing paradise or a travesty, a fruitful harvest or a dead seed.

As the experience evolves simply we must in turn, if only so that we may ultimately learn and discern that which is valuable to the collective endeavor.

As at this moment we must see past every sense of identity, and see that we are in the grips of chaos and insanity, because we have allowed the world for too long to shift discord, we reap what we sow in that way.

Returning over and over again, balance in chaos, until what end?

Is it simply so that we may feel the energy in motion coursing through our veins, enacting various sequences of joy and dismay.

Today we must see, for tomorrow is too late.

Yesterday we should have remembered, so today we deal with fate.

Sending you Light through Love,


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