Trial of Denial

Duality is the concept of the universe, the twofold path, the yin and yang, good and evil, light and darkness, the choice, in simplicity.

The path we travel upon is dictated on a daily basis by the actions and choices that we make, or so it seems.

In essence, whether we are conscious or unconscious of ourselves entirely, we are creating a destiny, a story line so to speak, within each and every moment, and in turn, we are playing it through.

Throughout nature on the micro and macro level, duality is clear to see when you look to the inner and outer worlds in turn.

Through our inner work we manifest our thoughts into reality, depending on the influence and power we have as individuals, and depending on the severity of the action taken, a ripple effect is always a possibility, beginning as a gentle stream before evolving into a raging tsunami.

The story of Humanity, for that is what it truly is, as we have evolved up into this point and look to “His-Story” for proof of that, but in reality, is this the story line we were meant to follow, or has it been changed on a macro level, thus interfering with the entire balance of the Universe and rippling down, affecting the most micro scale of Life possible.

I refer to the clear chaos that is severe throughout our entire Earth, for it seems, our balance, our universal scale, is tipping towards a climax.

Change, through choice, through possibility, that is the epitome of our actualization.

For if we do not awaken and mature to the realization that our world has been taken underneath us and unless we collectively react in the name of compassion and love then surely we will bring about a dire tribulation that will allow us to rediscover courage and trust.

For we do not have faith in one another, nor ourselves, which is why we look to suits and plastic smiles to dictate how our lives should be filed.

Fallacies aplenty when you pierce through a shallow matrix and acknowledge that lately, the lack of fulfillment in our hearts is due to the fact that as our outer world burns, our inner worlds go absolutely crazy.

So once more, we must assemble and remember our purpose beyond the fear of reprisal, for we are in denial to the fact that only we can claim back our freedoms and reconnect with a blackened mother Earth.

As we have been provided for and cherished ever so dearly.

We have embraced our differences previously and deeply honored various cultures dearly.

Yet there is no shame in being different, for the future is cut by those who are bold, who have not yet allowed their mouths to be sewn nor their souls to be sold, it is here in the dark and in the cold, that we light an ember and ascend beyond the icy tome.

For we are alive, here and now, this moment in time, without a single sound, we must pierce through, to our hearts always remain true, knowing that our eternal spirits rest with the essence of creation, our life is presently meant to be enacted through our true purpose, you alone know what to do.

Blessings my friends, many prayers out to our beautiful world and all those within it. Have faith in yourself and your friends and family to always do what is right even when it seems incredibly difficult. Support me by sharing my work and following the blog, I am incredibly grateful.

Sending you Light through Love,


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