Remembering the Veil

In this day and age of transparency and information, it is ever so important to remember whom we are.

Our roots, that which we came from and are inherently apart of, this intertwines with what our soul chose to manifest within to begin with; our culture, our family, our thoughts.

Every aspect of the inner and outer world that stabilizes our identity as an individual also points us in the direction of our past, a marker, so to speak.

We are here for a purpose, our body is a compass, our culture a map, our mind is a construct, what we choose to furthermore do with what inherently is ours to develop and learn from is entirely up to ourselves.

We move at an ever increasing pace in this day and age, that’s the curse of a mind, travelling back into the past and attempting to delve deep into the future, without ever considering the ultimate beauty of the present.

So presently, shall we at least delve into the simplicity of who we ought to be.

As the complexity enveloping the flowering of Humanity rarely allows us to collectively breathe.

For we are perplexed and unable to digest why it is that we face such unrest, no matter our societal position or emotional thoughts.

Maybe there is a hard truth piercing further more into us, entangling our like roots, there is an answer to this question, yet we alone can find the solution if we decide to remain true.

For there are riddles that play like infinite fiddles, up and down so that we can’t analyze and come to a conclusion.

Alas the disarray and confusion, the contortion that has us moving in slow motion, can be solved if you delve deeper into the notion.

As the jungle sent me a potion, a long time ago, no I do not know, yet that is what I seek, forever along the encapsulating function.

Out of touch, not anymore, for the score we keep is with ourselves alone.

To serve the greater cause through clearing our fear and evolving into truth and love, two halves that make a whole clear.

As when we live in truth and serve through love, we embody our spirit and deliver the purpose that we previously dreamed of.

It begins with ourselves and a deep dive, into the collective, the hive in which we find ourselves individualized.

There in the whole, we remember the past of the fragment, the lessons we’ve received that we dare not pardon, for they are of us in the present, so that the may be taught in the future.

The full circle of life is within each and every one of us, it is our duty to remember our mission and pursue it.

My truth to yours, to be perceived as you will. Thank you my friends, and good luck this week, wherever you may be. Support me and show some love by following the blog and sharing my work among your friends and family, or even by shooting me a message, thoughts are always appreciated.

Sending you Light through Love,


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