All in our Roots

The pulsations encapsulating our entirety allowing glimpses of simplicity to seethe into our ever shifting reality.

A numbness we encounter ever so often due to the fact that we ourselves have nailed the coffin shut, hello wake up.

Live, Evil, backwards symbols, to play along to the programmed decibal, or to awaken exponentially from the aligned sequences.

For we must arrive and then in accordance, derive, for what is it at this moment that pushes us further towards our eternal drive.

Our purpose, without delusion nor the Maya, this materialistic world of illusion, allow us to, if even for a moment, cut back on this sentence, for we are the imposers and controllers of our own destiny.

The world at this moment in another sense, is exactly as it ought to be.

For through carelessness and chaos, lust and trust, we have arrived here, at the present.

Time to unravel, travel through experience so that we may burden the weight of wisdom.

For we must see infinitely through the veil of eternity, emphasis on this sentence for it is no pretense, ultimately we alone are able to digest the information passing by us at each and every moment.

So it is key, to read in between the lines, to be silent and externalize the moment, as we are on a wayward path if we acknowledge our inner compass.

For it is a game of faith and trust, the journey in which we have admittedly embarked upon, for how long and to what end, there is no dividend, why would I even pretend, to know at all.

For that is the call, stalled in antiquity and manifest in this future reality.

Yet alone we cannot breathe, only when we join one another uniquely can we see that we locked the door and forgot that all along we held the key.

As each day passes and we spare glances, see through the window.

Look to the white rabbit or the ash tree that bellows, for through reconnection can we attain the affection that internally we seek.

It starts with you as it starts with me, to see past a veil that ensnares our freedom and divinity.

Acknowledge your part within the play, for it is a roundabout, enjoy your stay.

Friends, thank you. Find what you seek in the words, as it differs for us all. Support me by following the blog and sharing it among your friends and family.

Sending you Light through Love,


My music, another of my gifts, is available below,

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