Burning as Always

A moment of silence allows us access to a portal of true focus.

For we relentlessly pursue until we are through, then we realize that ultimately we have not paid our dues.

Maybe we have, maybe we have not, yet allow the thought to think in before it’s allotted to the unconscious rot.

That is the dilemma, for we are finite and our presence is but timely.

To coincide with the actualization that our hearts can guide us unto serenity.

Hush now, for that is but a humble thought.

For within the universal collective, there exists every sort of perspective, each sentence added to our grand narrative, in which we play out in accordance.

A dance, a chance by the trance that envelops us with an earthly glance.

Ever so often do I bellow into the hollow twilight these days, to enact a sequence of passion and anguish.

An alchemical equation, for we cannot first acquire without sacrifice.

Isn’t that right, don’t we all know that pain all too well.

For we cannot become a Human without first seeing both heaven and hell.

As it exists in multitudes within the tribulations that manifest before you and I.

For we can choose to live in the shadows and turn a blank eye, on stand by, watching the world go by.

Out of fear, we believe there could not possibly be a soul near, who could infer and understand, how to navigate the innermost turmoil known as our ego, it’s as easy to get stuck in as quick sand.

Take a stand, that is the alternative, as you are your own narrator or a mere character, to envelop hope or crave a disaster, to move more slowly or be sucked into the discord ever faster.

What shall last has already passed, enjoy the moment now, not after.

Sending you Light through Love,


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