As Pebbles skip Oceans

There is endless turmoil within hyperspace, out of place and somewhat embedded within an aura of backwards authenticity.

As there clings deeply within the facades and masks, a clarity that we yearn to once more grasp.

Engraved within our DNA, serenity, prosperity and unity, so the question remains, when exactly did our downfall begin it’s reign?

Through that sacrifice in turn, who is it that has gained?

Universally we inherently strain, the more and more we acknowledge the plague that seems to unconsciously desecrate that which was divinely created through hope and grace.

This is not to say that there is not an immense amount of beauty and love that immerses throughout this phase, however it fades rather quickly unless we constantly hold our space.

For only within standing our ground can we acknowledge our own true crown, and in turn tap into our roots, remember ourselves before being shaped into programmable features before you.

For here within the riddle we may configure a rather simple solution that may in fact furthermore point you en route to your own conclusion.

As it does for me, for we connect symbiotically through the infinite tree, that which is eternal and forever breathes, my spirit next to thee, a paradox gift wrapped through tranquility, do you understand, there was never a reason to fear, nor shall there ever be.

For the darkness that seeks to consume and forevermore extinguish the light of love that forever blooms shall one day swallow itself whole, as parasites can draw from nothing when there is simply no more.

No scorn, or forlorn hope, allow me to digress, for if you digest the old ways of the Universe and live in harmony and symbiotic unity with mother Earth then you shall rise from the dirt.

From the ashes so to speak, for the meek are the eternal phoenix, ultimately you always sow the seeds that you eventually reap.

Alas that is what we seek, is it not? Peace, and a place within a true and just cause.

This sort of Golden Age can only manifest, when we have at last healed the pain of so many unconscious attacks and regrets, collectively, externally and internally, the work must spread from the roots, to the branches and at last to the seeds.

Working in symbiotic harmony, is that a possibility for Humanity?

The answer is within each and every, for me it is a certainty.

Sending you Light through Love,

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