Substance of Love, or?

It is difficult to find tranquility within the trance of possibility.

For there are chances and choices, in that order specifically, that when made manifest presently, are set in stone, forever through eternity.

A mirage of rewinding flashbacks assail us as we sift and recollect our life on track.

Forever taken aback and wondering why I am that I am, and you are a picture perfect sunset kiss, one which I currently lack.

Of course, this is but a figment of the scope, but a fragment of the key.

For yearning through this experience and learning in turn to further transmute this pain into light, sorrow into love, well that is the main objective of alchemy.

As there are endless times that could be redefined and pondered through until there is nothing but a faded concept of what was once the sublime.

For the truth is that through and through, each and every stitch of grief, loss, wonder, passion and soul connection sewn into you is what has made you at this very moment, such a beautiful sculpting piece of infinite beauty, nothing could be more true.

For without these little triumphs or these blatant tribulations, when the roles of the latter are reversed too, each and every moment has better prepared you the actualize the divine potential, inherent solely within you.

Maybe that is why it is difficulty to find tranquility within searching the abyss of possibility, for the truth is that at this moment it matters not, for without further action and evolution, would it all not have been but in vain?

For if we were to grow old, abundant and somewhat insane, but miss out on the wanderlust and mystery of growing through the full circle of life, then what would we have to speak of rocking in our old twine chairs, with grey hairs and coarse veins, better we have an adventure worth mentioning, love, don’t you think?

Tending and mending a torn map, intuitively acknowledging that we alone set ourselves in a trap, we seek what we lack and lack what we seek, through the grace of a lost star, allow yourself to further delve into the truth within that will set you free.

Free as you allow yourself to be, that is a lesson we alone can learn, “I’mperfection” makes more sense, if you see clearly.

Sending you Light through Love,


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