Ashes reach even Eden

The world has been set aflame.

Through silence and subterfuge, through fear and deceit, it seems we have been consumed by a force of darkness inherent within the Universe, affecting balance on the micro to the macro scale for all living beings within Earth, as we are interwoven through Gaia inherently, something we seem to have forgotten long ago.

For the ancients knew this did they not?

For thousands of recorded “history”, we through diverse cultures and ways of life, have lived symbiotically to some degree with the earth.

In less than 2 centuries however, we have managed to completely and soon, irreversibly damage our beautiful Earth.

Which will leave the future generations of all societies, our children, brothers and sister, will be forced to survive and heal the earth over centuries, when they could have enjoyed the beauty and pleasures of this absolute paradise that is our Human bound right, to live free and through love and truth.

That is the issue, the core dilemma inherently is balance, as we can be blind no longer to the ignorance and destruction caused by unconscious and greedy individuals who care for no one whatsoever, they care not for building a beautiful and healthy society in which all human beings can thrive within the beauty of earth.

Rather, they seek to plunder and ravage the earth of her love and impose control on all of creation, for that is what they seek, power, and they take it through darkness.

It is true and written within all societies, the light and dark, the good and evil, the positive and negative, and that is just that, we must balance and challenge the absolutely out of control darkness that has manifested within our reality through our light.

What is our light?

It’s seeing ourselves for whom we truly are within this reality, accepting the truths and lessons that we have learned, and hard as they may be to accept, and then in turn actualizing our inherent divine potential and taking action in the present, as time is off the essence.

Another example that I will use primarily in this scenario to describe our relationship with planet earth is in the context of white blood cells and cancer cells, those that clean and heal and those that consume and destroy.

We are truly the active blood cells or cancer cells within earth, depending on the choice that we make through our own free will and choices.

By this I mean of course, we are the species that is capable of shifting the biosphere around us in either a negative or positive manner.

It is clear to see, in this day and age, that we have forgotten the term symbiosis on a grand scale, as active societies.

Rather, we have allowed ourselves to become ever so complacent and burdened within a system that ultimately defies our positive evolution in every aspect (we must always challenge what we are taught and what we read, for it is incredibly easy to forge fallacies as truths in this day and age).

Not only do most individuals on this planet not have access to basic survival necessities, those that do are typically too occupied with their own lives to see past the glass veil, into the truth.

And what is the truth?

Well the truth is that the earth is dying my friends, and we as a human species are fragmented and at quarrels, as we have been since our inception!

On top of that, we have allowed ourselves to become more controlled than ever due to the fear of ourselves, or rather the fear of the unknown.

The arms industry generates billions annually off of the destruction and death of our fellow brother and sister, mother and father, child and son!

The pharmaceutical industry generates the same ridiculous profits, not off of truly healing you (as that wouldn’t be profitable), but by numbing you and disguising the underlying problem under a “band-aid” (easy fix pills, in which there is a mirage for all your worries and troubles out there, worry not!).

The fossil fuels industry generates billions off of pillaging and polluting the earth for profits that truly meant nothing other than pure gluttony and hate.

The meat industries slaughter animals gruesomely and horrendously pollute the earth in turn with their cruel and primitive methods.

I could go on and on about every single parasitic monopoly that has infiltrated most of big business, but that is for another article.

Ultimately, we are truly at the pinnacle of the human experience, as we have a single generation, this lifetime, to reverse and change the course of the future in a positive direction, otherwise, we will wake up one day to an incredibly grim reality.

It all starts with one’s consciousness waking up, and in turn collectively organizing to make a difference.

All throughout the world, there is chaos.

We must do our part to ensure balance is restored, as it is truly our duty as conscious and alive human beings to heal the earth and revitalize it for the future, in the present, right now.

But we are too consumed, are we not?

There is so much for an individual to be overwhelmed by when it comes to commitments.

As I said before, Change.

Radical change at this point may be necessary, a true shift in our entire reality may be required if we intend to truly live in a free reality, that is healthy and prosperous for all those within it, rather than a select few.

Each and every day, we must take the necessary steps towards our purpose.

I can’t iterate this enough.

If we do not truly follow our heart and speak our truth then we are simply living in our shadows, our even that of another, not even seeing ourselves any longer.

Seeing the darkness for what it truly is will enable you to charge yourself with the love to break through the fear barrier, the love of all creation entrusted to us by divinity, creator eternal, whatever that may be in your heart, this is why the truth shall set us free.

If we live in pain and uncertainty then how would we ever attain the clarity to be whom we are meant to be?

I suppose it all comes back to choices, does it not? Make yours count.

What more can I say, other than what is on my heart. Praying you all are well, appreciate the support. Send me some love by following the blog or sharing with friends and family.

As always, sending you Light through Love,


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