Smog within the Chasm

Within my heart there is a flame of passion that burns ever so valiantly.

For I am both the flame and the wind, these volatile energies at times consume me.

Fluidly flowing through each predicament unto the next, what is the pretext, for I am forging presently a certain malleable text.

For it can be deciphered or admired, riddled through endlessly or glanced at periodically.

A truth or a fallacy, the only differentiating factor is that you are not me, do you not agree?

Lessons through attention, I have been saving, over time and abiding through endless servings of somatic wine, I’d say I feel fine but in all honesty there is a certain point where I draw the line.

For it is not right to set flames to an earthbound entity full of light, through abbreviations and rather certain circumstances, you may in turn infer what memories are drawn through perpetual vowels that constitute an individual portrait of emotional configuration.

For this is but a demonstration of what it will ultimately take to cure the micro and macro disposition.

A new position within each institution, an evolution which simply means a revolution, internally and externally, so that once more we may balance the natural constitution.

For there are many powers at play, loyalties that stray, order and chaos reproducing cycles endlessly.

Yet at this moment in time, shall we mot simply breathe and acknowledge that unless we purge ourselves of our own futilities then we will never be capable of breaking through the deception.

That is the inception, when we wake up and simply retain the residue of what it was we were meant to portray.

In vain, the stain remains.

For when you are in the midst of an inferno, those that matter most you, may in fact, burn away.

They’ll remember you for how the memories serve, what is retained in the membrane.

The metamorphosis continues, as easily for me as it is to you, this transmutation we are transitioning through, in accordance, will draw a new light of hope through.

Sending you Light through Love,


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