Reconciling, a Moment.

The story that connect both you and me through the concept of unity, interwoven universally throughout all of infinity.

Now, that is a statement that can be greeted with freeing simplicity or conflicting complexity, alas, that is all part of the journey, perspectives reach as wide as eye can see.

However, when we pause with due cause and acknowledge that we alone have laid out a clause, an agreement so to speak, with ourselves and those around us, consciously or the alternative, wandering blindly so to speak.

As the differentiating purpose, a fate of yours that differs greatly from mine, is only united through understanding our collective journey, that which takes place through space and time.

By eloquent design and sincere devotion, we have enveloped ourselves in a grand design that is inherently powered by our energetic motions.

EMOTIONS, a simple analogy, for that which flows through our essence dictates how we will react accordingly.

Unless we have at last been true, and control the force that is destitute within ourselves, how shall we choose?

Maybe the choices are hidden, only to be revealed through synchronized intuition, for we are the seed and through positive reinforcement we come quickly to fruition.

Otherwise we must find ourselves once again in a world that is ever so unforgiving and misleading to those that abide within it’s ever chaotic dealings.

Ultimately our shadows are more hungry than ever, collectively we are unconsciously invoking the symphony of fire.

For ashes rain down upon the pyre of life, a dire respite that shall only simmer when we ignite, a greater call.

One of remembrance and connection, for our egotistical developments alone prevent us from each and every connection.

For the fear is strong, the dark side lurks and slides.

The light alone can cast truth on the fallacies that prevent us from truly living as free beings.

Listen, if only for a moment.

Within yourself, there are calls from all, if you would hail them rather than postpone atonement.

For we are meant to be in unison, with spirit and all of creation.

An anomaly has entered the very fabric of our serenity, distorted previously but we are remembering now and gaining momentum, once we arrive in understanding there is nothing but tranquility.

An epiphany, so to speak, struck me as my roots we deeply grounded as a single tree, a paralyzed grasshopper, stuck within a web of dust and lost hope, seeing itself as dead to eternity, called out to me.

I gently plucked it from the abyss and chiseled away its bondage, I realized I too was freeing me, at this very moment in time.

As we alone hold the key to unlocking the blockages that prevent us from manifesting the moment we truly seek.

Thank you my friends for taking the time and may you have yourself a lovely week and gain some positive ground. Support my journey as a writer by sharing my working with your friends and family or by following the blog. 

Sending you Light through Love,


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