Worlds Swallow Themselves

The micro certainly causes a ripple in the macro constantly.

For the minor note in the end ultimately progresses to a major, the world flows fully, in perfect unison, full circle, although it is incredibly difficult to grasp in this chaotic age.

The simple matter of the fact is all that there ever was, and ever will be, is here now.

Those words have been chanted by various sages throughout time, and it reflects this, only the mind, distractions in turn, turn us away from our natural state within nature.

For inherently we are present within our physical vessel, apart of this world interwoven within it’s very fabric.

We are the earth on a micro level (interestingly enough that the percentage of water in our body actually replicates the amount of water found upon the Earth).

Ultimately the only reason we separate ourselves further and further from our truths is because we are no longer whole.

We are fragmented mentally to a large extent, from experiences through life that distort us, and typically our mind always pushes us further away from ourselves looking for another experience to latch on to, to further distract.

As we can choose to temper and tame ourselves, putting the broken pieces of our past together so that we may once more become whole, or the alternative, to live unconsciously, further losing yourself in the ever shifting reality matrix.

The choice between complexity and simplicity, which becomes more difficult to see when we lose ourselves in chaos.

And we have lost ourselves indeed as a collective, to chaos.

We are more fragmented than ever before as a species.

We stand idly by as our sacred lands are desecrated in the name of profit and industry.

We ridicule those whom we do not understand without even first acknowledging and understanding them.

The wars that ravage our planet are fought in the name of greed, power and corruption, not honor, righteousness and freedom.

We forget that we are all brothers and sisters, despite creed, tone or origins, we are interconnected as the caretakers and creators within the beautiful creation of our reality, and it is indeed, a blessing and a curse.

In the Vedas, there are ages, and in our current age, the Kali Yuga, the world is turned upside down.

Morality, wisdom, empathy, they all falter, in the name of ego, power, and disconnection.

Today, a lesson came to me through my trade, as a tree fell (I am an arborist, residential tree removal), a nest fell with it.

Now usually, we remove nests before, but it happened very fast. I heard the cries and pain immediately. I ran over, and the nest was filled with baby squirrels. I began working on removing them from the area gently. They were OK.

The nest saved them from the fall. The mom probably won’t come back, and they will either freeze or be eaten by predators tonight. In reality, this happens every day, the micro reveals the macro.

There are countless unjust murders taking place each day. What is going on around the world, the bombings and famines, they are all created by us.

By our seeking. By our unconsciousness and ultimately, by our neglect and fear. For it is but few who turn the garden of Eden into a wasteland, and we, as a collective, out of fear, engrained within our very DNA, have allowed it to happen, over and over again.

It is our choice alone, to change on the micro so that we may change positively as a macro.

We are what we seek inherently, and the wheel will continue spinning with our the choices we make, so it is ultimately vital that we make the correct choices, for if we do not, no one will.

This is a reminder, to myself and to you, let us always remain true, and remember that we alone know the debt that is due.

Blessings my friends, may you all have a wonderful weekend. Support my journey by sharing this post or following the blog.

Sending you Light through Love,


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