The Separation Illusion

All the evil in the world comes through a point of separation. Separation is a wound in the micro which in turn affects the macro.

This is such a strong realization, because on a micro level, I myself am at my worst spirits when I am separate.

Looking into the outer and then when it doesn’t agree with my inner, I reject it, hate it even, without first accepting and understanding that I am a part of the pain, not separate from it, it is a part of me that I must acknowledge and accept so that I may see it as a part of the journey that we must ultimately overcome, together.

We are all in this together.

All you need is love.

Those are two of my favorite quotes, because they are true, eternally.

It is our objective then, to acknowledge these simple truths and then actualize them within our own individual lives, in turn changing ourselves and evolving past our own shadows The lies we and societal conditioning tell us that prevent us from truly living.

We are all in this together, when we are weak individually, we are weaker as a collective as well, despite what we may have been led to believe.

If one aspect of the whole is out of balance, the entirety of it is in turn as well.

On an individual scale, relate this to being stressed, you can’t communicate effectively, tired and irritable, and the more you avoid the root of the stress, the worse it gets, until you ultimately confront the issue (or it confronts you to the point of no return).

On a macro scale, wars that kill and displace the indigenous population, rarely heal the rift that is left afterwards.

These distraught nations become states of anarchy with no order, where they once certainly flourished.

Sensible people are forced to dangerously flee with their families to safety (typically to countries whose military just dismantled their nation), and are rarely greeted with open arms from the receiving population.

Who through disinformation and lies, shun those whom they don’t understand and resist them integrating (as deep within they don’t understand themselves and have always resisted their own change), while forgetting that it was their tax dollars that supported the chaos outside of their own bubble, that directly affected the bubble of another and forced them into a situation that they themselves never wanted to be in initially.

That is the dichotomy of this day and age that we live in, as a species with amnesia whom forget their roots, and in turn have lost connection with the truth, that is life itself, standing before them.

The separation illusion, that is the first greatest obstacle that we encounter when we break through our conditioned mind.

From there, when we truly see that we are all truly connected through the collective of this divine experience.

We acknowledge that we truly are all in this world together, and we must work together through symbiosis so that we may truly optimize every aspect of our collective Human experience, therefore truly freeing ourselves.

Same, same but different, we are different colors, different words, but together, we make up the exquisite masterpiece that is our dualistic universe, woven by creator.

Or, on the other hand, we can be separate from the ornate beauty outside ourselves.

All you need is love.

Love is the most powerful force on the planet.

It’s what brings us together, it’s our glue.

It’s the laughter flowing through the wind. The knowing smile on a baby’s face.

The moment of silence when you at last breathe, release and let it be.

Certainly, it is all we ever need, as when we live in love we are able to achieve any and every dream.

These are thoughts that my heart conceives in hopes that yours in turn, shall receive.

Dissolve the veil a little, please, and enjoy the rest of your weekend. Support my journey by following the blog and by sharing my work with as many people as you can, it’s appreciated deeply.

Sending you Light through Love,


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