Reflecting on our Life

The truth is a matter of perspective. The truth is inherent within each of us. The truth shall set you free. The simple matter of the fact is, that we ourselves are ignorant until we find our own truth, our own meaning and our own purpose.

We are blinded until we are capable of comprehending that the truth set before us, may in fact be a mere veil hiding an even greater reality.

A reality that is slowly slipping away from us, as we ourselves are pulled further and further away from what it truly means to be a human being.

Yes, the disconnect, we all feel it, it certainly isn’t just you and I learned the hard way (as many of us do) that I was not alone in that regard myself.

The disconnect we feel from ourselves and others within western society is no mere coincidence, and if you disagree with the idea that western spirit and culture is virtually dead, I understand, but if you look around yourself on a day to day basis, (you also have to leave your house, observing through technology is a sign of the disconnect, and to be honest, technology is one of the greatest driving factors in our human spirit being depleted at such an exponential rate), it’s clear to see that Humans really aren’t all that interested in connecting with one another.

Unless of course, it is through the latter statement, social media, texts, emails, phones calls, face time, real time hologram emitters.

The simple matter of the fact, in my personal opinion, is that the use of technology on a regular basis detaches you from your own thought processes, emotions and physical reactions, the longer you rely upon technology, the more your natural human qualities decline, and the more you become like the cold machine that atheists always saw our species as regardless.

This is a truth for myself, as it is certainly a perspective as well, as it may in fact directly interfere with the truth of another and not align with their principles, they may in fact believe that technology is evolving the human species and see nothing wrong with the state of the world, but they probably don’t think too much for themselves anyways, they let the tech do that for them.

Yet the world we live in is a horrid, brutal reality, is it not?

I mean, it is ever so easy to hide away in blankets and pretend like everything is OK, but nothing is OK, anywhere really.

We are all just so encapsulated and completely immersed within our own little matrix bubble, that we don’t seem to mind that the we may in fact be heading down the wrong path, a path that will take future generations (what little remains of them) centuries to recover from, on a survival level.

We will have risen to the pinnacle of our Humanity, only to watch it crumble before us, rather fitting is it not?

As all good things must come to an end for something better to take over.

Wait, let me word that better.

We really have to make change, because almost every aspect of human culture is backwards and blatantly unconscious, we all feel it in our bones and shadows, and it’s due to the simple fact that a ridiculous amount of horrible trauma is taking place within the Human species, and has been, for centuries.

And if you don’t want to believe that we are all interconnected and united inherently as a species, although we individually and culturally differ as uniquely as the beautiful plant and animal life that sprouts farther from this beautiful planet, then that is fine, just don’t come crying to me when you trip and fall, because you believe that it’s your issue, not ours, you feel me?

So where is this trauma coming from?

Well, living in the moment is beautiful, when we do so, we are present in our endeavors physically and emotionally and mentally connected to those around us, in turn, when present and engaged in breath work, we feel ourselves each and every moment and our story unfolds before our very eyes, that’s lovely, our life is lovely, is it not?

So then, if you aren’t living in the present, you are living in the past or future, meaning, you are living in your thoughts; plans, alternate realities, stories etc.

The more you actively disengage from life itself and live in your mind, focusing on yourself, seeing yourself as separate from the external and harnessing your energy solely for your own gains, the more you enter the realm of unconsciousness.

Meaning, you care not for the beauty around you, nor do you care what others think and feel, nor do you care for the present, as there it’s all building up towards whatever is in your mind.

In this state, meaning when you are unconscious, it is incredibly easy and brutally effective to cause short or long term trauma to yourself and others in any aspect of being whether it is mental, physical or spiritual.

Once more, this is a fragment of truth, as it is simply my perspective, and in turn only you can make your truth whole.

Which may in fact be something entirely different once you give it thought, but ultimately, on a micro and macro scale.

It boils down to own unconscious disconnection from our place within a collective, a body that coexists with all components in harmony only if it is consciously nurtured through the act of symbiosis.

This is clear with families, different groups of ideologies, nations even, from the micro to the macro.

Meaning that, if we consciously decide to formally face our issues that plague us a collective, then we have every opportunity to turn our world around, but that will only happen if we work together and care for one another as a species entirely, not as individuals and certainly not as cold nations that oppress others.

If we choose to separate ourselves and live unconsciously (not delving into our own dualistic principles and nor seeing others as part of yourself, therefore caring for them in turn), on a micro and in turn macro scale once aligned with others who have similar separate “ideologies” (you work together because you both agree that working together as parasites is better than working alone as parasites).

Ultimately not only will you damage and traumatize everyone around you, you’ll also ultimately destroy yourself, and once destroyed, you have to truly face yourself at last and everyone you have harmed, consciously working through all the horrors you inflicted while in an unconscious dream state.

Once again, this in my heart is a truth, yet a perspective solely, maybe one that will align with your own truth.

There is time for peace and time for change, be conscious of that which you project into our collective dream state, for it can easily turn into a nightmare, as it appears to be ever so often as of late.

We alone can see into the light of ourselves and purge the darkness, the fallacies of our ways, then in turn we can decide to be conscious enough to ensure that we never allow our shadows to be released and slip away, and once they do again, only another lesson can be learnt through all of this pain.

Brothers and sisters, I really hope you understand this message. One that I myself work tirelessly on each and every day, if we aren’t consciously evolving ourselves in a positive manner and doing our best to ensure that those around us on a micro and macro scale are doing so as well, then how can we say that we are truly a part of Humankind, rather than just being another human.

Please share my work with as many people as possible to support me and follow for future updates. We are all in this together, really it’s not that cliche.

Sending you Light through Love,


My music is available below if you would like to see another of my creative outputs,

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