Natural Analysis, Elements.

We all encompass different states. Different aspects if you will.

Beyond our own individuality, which unto itself is exclusive.

By that I mean Humans individually have different natural ways of living.

It is clear to see, although it may ultimately come down to a choice, there are some ideals and concepts that simply run in our blood, if you will.

The easiest way for me to describe this analogy is through my own perspective, and thus, I will draw upon the concept of the four elements, inherent throughout all of creation, on the micro to macro level (as many individuals have described throughout time) to construct my own thought wave, as it makes sense to myself.

The four elements being fire, wind, water and earth. On a macro level, it is clear to see each and every force active within our daily lives constantly.

The planet’s core is it’s heart. A blazing flame.

Fire is the destructive force of change, the most primal element in all of nature. Destruction brings transformation, as all ancient religions and cultures comprehend, this is but an aspect of our collective, a piece of the puzzle, if a large one at that.

Wind, a fluid and forceful element, capable of gently guiding or suddenly raging, this is a force that tends to be fluid and constant, interacting with the other elements and almost complimenting them, however, it is the also capable of spreading further and faster than the others, intertwining and moving upon an either orderly or chaotic fashion.

Water, the element of blood and connection, for it truly encompasses all, and can at any given moment.

Where as fire may be passionate and affirmative, and wind, passive and fluid, water is connected and sincere.

Connected in the sense that water makes up most of the earth and truly feels the state, as it shifts with the vibration state of its surroundings always, sincere in the sense that it is either still or a storm.

Earth as the final element in this connected square of relation to understanding ourselves through the elements that make up our inner and outer worlds, is what is below and in front of us.

In this regard it is firm and understanding, unwavering in it’s position, where as the other three elements are prone to shifting, if not constantly, then very often.

The four elements are clear to comprehend on a macro level, so let’s examine it on a micro level.

Humans are made up entirely of water, almost.

Our lungs, breathe in air, so that we may function, and then in turn, release it back into the macro atmosphere.

Our bodies take in food and energy, and then burn it off as fuel, because, we burn it off, sounds similar?

Lastly, our bodies, earth suits, themselves are connected to the earth and allow us to interact with the earth and all the other elements as well, unwavering, just like the earth, our bodies can be.

This is but a perspective, as always, based on my own readings of others work and personal judgement.

If we are all elements however on a micro level (elements as I am referring to them are a primal expression of energy, something the ancients understood very well) and the earth itself is held together by the natural elemental order, then is it possible that we all are different individual aspects of nature, who then in turn, express ourselves in turn with our aligned state, which of course changes as Humans grow and do as well?

This thought wave comes from my own analysis on my behavior patterns and those around me.

It is clear to see, the wind is of the mind, easy to get lost in, but innovative and fluid, always changing in a new course.

Fire itself is a physical and reactive expression, rarely thinking but constantly in motion to change and transform the previous state into ashes, therefore allowing to possibility to grow.

Water, serene and tranquil until it is disturbed and then there can truly be no control over its encapsulating power, water is either staying above the surface or at times drowning in it’s own depth.

Earth as the final expression is firm and unwilling to change unless forced to do so, there is a reason the old saying states “always stand your ground”, the earth understands its place.

We are always changing, and if we are not then we are but the same. Growing along your own journey and recognizing the different qualities within oneself are essential in order to learn one’s strengths and weaknesses.

I see each element within myself and strive to encapsulate the positive qualities of the natural order, however, I am but Human, as we all are and naturally, we are bound to let the other side slip out unless we are bound by strict discipline.

The duality of the universe, the different states we may encapsulate inherently represent positive and negative qualities.

Through trial and errors we are capable of inferring the lesson required in order to tame a natural part of ourselves, or further losing it.

The fire is my passion for writing, my mind is the wind that takes me further into the flow of the present action, The water is the depth of experience that allows this thought wave to take form, and at last, through my physical manifestation, through my physical intent upon this earth and the combination of the latter elements, I am able to bring my current thought wave into this physical reality, that which is Earth.

We encapsulate the macro and represent it on the micro, it is time we begin to examine our inner and outer worlds to better comprehend our own and in turn, our collective issues as a species, is it not?

This is but an analogy and a plea to a degree.

Thank you brothers and sisters and I hope you are well, wherever you may be. Feel free to message me for discussion or if you are interested in contributing to the blog. Support my work by sharing it with as many people as you can and by following the blog.

Sending you Light through Love,


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