Moon Howling Crickets

A spell lays over the land of inertia, casting slumber and misfortune far and wide.

For through transparent spectacles, there is no possibility that you could hide.

For the deeper we traverse through chaos, the sooner a critical point shall coincide.

Breaking through evermore and smashing the invisible chains of bondage.

For we are bound by ourselves, as we alone possess the will, to step past these self imposed boundaries that have ingrained themselves within our own story line, never is it still.

Minds are filled the brim with rhetoric and logic that can be rather nostalgic if you acknowledge the loss in turn which is tragic.

As in if we are constant in matters that don’t inherently align with our own divine, then we are sadly sleepwalking through our own lives neglecting our true purpose.

Considering the wide array of circumstances protruding throughout the entirety of humanity, is it not safe to say that your true talents could not be better put to use far more wisely?

As we are meant to serve one another symbiotically on a collective scale, so that we may impart wisdom, truth, respect and love universally, or would you consider that idea more of a fairy tale?

Maybe it is indeed, lost to the winds of time, scattered across the ages, however, there is always the possibility that we shall in the end come out and shine.

For it is through the darkest of nights and most fearsome of shadows, that we at last are capable of overcoming ourselves on the micro, seeing the truth through our hearts and shining that light at last.

If we can overcome ourselves then we can face the world together, seeing ourselves in one another and acknowledging that indeed we are all linked through the same ethereal tether.

Binding us infinitely quite possibly through the whirlwind of eternity, constantly learning the same lessons over and on repeat until we can finally feel what it means to be everything fragmented into a singular possibility.

As there are is much in place to stagnate and prevent the evolution that is our own destiny from flourishing, as has always been the case.

For in fact what we believe we learn may simply be another clever way to indoctrinate, as we all have felt in some way.

When it is our duty, then, to find ourselves in the beginning and the end, what happens throughout is either you truly play or pretend.

Suspended as always, surrendering to the moment.

Addiction is the constriction that is molded over time into a construction, overcome the previous function and acknowledge that a new process has begun.

Release and allow that which no longer serves you to be at peace, for our time is limited, of the essence, and solely within our reach.

We alone, can convey our hearts truth in alignment with our soul to unlock the blocks, as we are both lock and key.

Preventing ourselves from love in every form, if we choose to block it out.

And love is truth, and truth is freedom, and freedom, there can truly be no higher honor, of that, there can be no doubt.

So light the pyre of renewal and hope, and if you are in a state of bliss, once it fades, remember how you last time were able to cope.

For the age before us, life itself, is what we shall make of it, from the billions of differentiating cells, splitting and passing in a constant process, what seperates us all is our own state of consciousness.

Know yourself to conquer yourself.

As always my friends, I appreciate your support. Life is short and time accelerates at an increasingly fast pace, make the most out of the beauty and love out there, as that is what matters. Support me by following and sharing my work!

Sending you Light through Love,


My music is available below if you would like to see another of my creative ventures!

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