Constants, obsolete

Abiding by the time beforehand designed to align one’s sight.

For once true vision has encapsulated us, we can no longer turn our heads from all that which is within reality, before us is a world suffering from misunderstanding.

A plight or a glitch in the matrix, it’s difficult for us to comprehend the entirety when we ourselves are inherently limited to a certain percentage.

Maybe that is the point however, to simply adhere to our own essence rather than attempting to maintain a presence in the maelstrom.

As it feels like a storm, does it not?

When suddenly we are hit hard by a whirlwind of long forgotten thoughts.

They lift us away, high and above, attempting to flap in futility as we are no dove.

Or to dive deep into the endless possibilities, without acknowledging that right here and now is all that there ever was or will be.

Although thought waves jump and suddenly duck into new paths, the message is as crystal clear as ever, it involves a compass that always points us if we are willing to simply give in, to waywardly point us back on track.

For in this day and age of complexity and transparency, attempting to be a thought or a manifestation that doesn’t feel true to thee, we alone can allow it to be and reset.

Reset but do not neglect for we are still evermore in the present which continues itself outwardly to realign and redirect.

For chaos is a powerful factor, that which is imbued with the power of creation and destruction, robust combination that has always been humanity’s favored option.

As we cannot control the wind, nor can we beg the earth to stop lashing and give back, we cannot tame the core, nor can we tell the seas to calm and step back.

For control of oneself is the only direct correlation of manifestation, either through manipulation or understanding, duality is always constant and withstanding.

To be or not to be, to flow through lost corridors or or to maintain control throughout the entirety of this course in which we have set sail upon, that is yet to see.

The choice is within the palm of each unique hand, left or right, marching straight down the line without thought may in fact lead to no man’s land.

Sending you Light through Love,


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