Silky Day in the Milky Way

Mean what you say and certainly say what you mean.

Otherwise who knows what threads that may no longer weave.

For it is easy to slip away, deeper and deeper, into the complexities that inhabit the Human Spirit.

Our true fire that is never tempered, only numbed and temporarily forgotten.

As the truth within us all is where we begin to acknowledge that what we perceived as bountiful may in fact be rotten.

A rather dismal realization, yet a blessing nonetheless.

For if we are not capable of seeing both sides of the coin, then how on Earth could we possibly digress?

For we infer from what we learn, absorption of information on each and every turn, how many knots are there within my processor at this point, none that I have found.

However I rarely look, as long as the engine keeps on running then the path forward is allowed.

Yet is that wise, if you think of your situation in the moonlit twilight and then once more at sunrise, would you be proud of the mold you fit if we were to suddenly meet our demise?

Well you should, for each breath we take and moment we grasp is but a possibility, and it is ours alone to grasp that which it is that we seek.

The twist is that we typically receive what we were searching for however it is never exactly how it appeared to be.

Alas the laws of duality, a coherent design that perpetually propels the universe from the micro to macro every decimal specifically.

As nothing is out of place, as this is totality of extremity of humanity, clearly one in which unconsciously embrace.

As every action has a reaction and every state dissolves eventually to form a new substance in its place.

The art of alchemy, alas the art of change.

It is here we acknowledge and if we are willing rearrange, a fate that is ours alone if we simply breathe within rather than go on autopilot and allowed life before us to play out on a faraway stage.

As it is a reminder that we choose to perceive and in turn actualize our reality at each and every turn from every point in our experience until we choose to chisel away the fragile disguise and divulge the truth, however it appears to be.

For me it is simple and it is now, it is a fleeting whisper in the wind or the setting of an eternal sun suspended in the ether from every point yet it appears to us now.

Simplicity only becomes complexity when we allow it to be, if that not what the grand experiment is all about ultimately, to experience a sliver of the entirety of creation projected eternally through divine mystery.

Sending you Light through Love,


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