Pursuit(s) in Moment(s)

Action, the act of ions.

The focused intent of the sum total of each organism on a micro and macro scale in turn forces our very essence to act upon our environment and situations as they present themselves.

Individually, we will ourselves through our day to day lives and hopefully strive to expand upon ourselves so that we have more variety at our disposal, more options and in turn more happiness and fulfillment.

Our choice through free will, whether we are conscious of that matter or not, determines how we act within this world.

We either act so that we may manifest our thoughts into reality or we don’t act upon our thoughts and allow them to wither away.

Our thoughts, our dreams, they are ours and ours alone, in turn they are our responsibility.

They can be kept secret and immature or the opposite, allowed to bloom into the gifts of possibility that they inherently are.

There are many variables within each and and every action each human being takes.

We are constantly processing and analyzing the information pouring into us at each and every waking moment, so it can be tough to be certain with every action we undertake.

However, if we are unwilling to act upon mystery and the moment at times, then we could very well be missing out on valuable opportunities to further enhance our own human experience.

As each and every action has a reaction, then in turn each experience has a lesson.

Either positive or negative, one in the same in a sense, to allow us to further understand the path that we are currently upon.

All our paths are different yet bound by creation, known by creator alone is our fate, so each and every action we partake in is but a series of unfolding scenarios as we consciously traverse through yet another section of Humanity’s escapade.

At the end of the day, we alone know our actions worth and purpose, whether they are worthy of pursuit or an aimless waste.

For our energy, our time, and what we choose to act upon as finite beings, is our decision and ours alone, alone alone can infer and in turn determine the true path forward.

Make sure your heart is open in pursuit of your dreams, don’t allow yourself to be guided by an unconscious force, we are conscious in pursuit of our own truth and happiness if we choose to be.

For we alone can temper the spirit of fire or allow it to run amok, wild and dire.

As always my friends, thank you, show support by sharing my work and following the blog.

Sending you Light through Love,



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