Solar then Lunar

In the midst of stillness we relinquish the blockage.

If we are lucky, at the very least, then we begin to acknowledge.

Each and every action, reaction, hesitation and thought, that has stretched to the present, potential or futility, in the eyes of the beholder, a world is sought.

For we seek, do we not, throughout a riddle, which is exactly why the continuum constitutes the middle.

For we flow effortlessly when we are neither too high nor too low, it is here that we show ourselves in a mirror that foreclosure and the opening of a new chapter may be the only way to go.

As only then can a story be allowed to continue, for an experience can only evolve when it is challenged to no longer give in to what has already been through.

And that is detrimental, or it can be at first for the very least.

As when we are boundless at least for this moment, why is it that we do not leap?

In pursuit of another taste of our dualistic reality, a ritualistic circle that we engage within endlessly.

To understand nirvana or to engage in sadistic satire, for we can live a tragic comedy that is dire, or lead a daunting act of truth in hopes to merely inspire.

A change in ourselves, in order to enact the simple possibility of the ripple.

For we are, or are we not supple, humans are nature’s greatest curse and most valuable treasure.

Alone capable of processing and manifesting dreams into the realm that we have all seen, is simply the result of our conscious intent, or the opposite, as is the case of humanity.

Suppose that we traverse our very own version of the world.

As a matter of fact, as long as the perspective remains cemented and utterly intact, unwilling to see momentarily the opposite, then we shall remain separate.

As you can only enter the domain of the unknown if you are willing to hone your spirits calling rather then postpone and carry on amidst the chaos as a mere drone.

For we can listen to the sound around us and drown out those within, or allow at last guidance of the utmost importance to seep in and further expand our horizons.

A disposition can be alleviated through pursuit of one’s intuition, trust yourself with the process rather than substantially settling with a brooding form of stagnation.

Is that not ultimately why we sift through this warped visage, to simply find purpose?

We wither when we allude, we gather when we persist, a conclusion of acceptance, the possibility of a hit or a miss within the midst of absolute stillness.

Sending you Light through Love,


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