Embers amid Ruins

I try to be an atlas, a man who can burden the weight of the world, yet in certain situations, I am but a fetus, weak and incapable of even the simplest action or thought.

The predominant taint upon myself is a self inflicted wound, a scar which I bear consciously, filled with cellular memories that burn my heart and vividly awaken me from sleep.

For I am but a man, who clings to adventure, knowledge and pursuit of the truth, yet at the beginning, middle and end of times, I see that truth may have always been you.

A statement I seldom say allow, for then I would willingly convict myself of committing a vile and heinous crime, the one that broke your heart, and in turn, broke mine.

By an empty window where the full moon blossoms true, I think of my sun kissed tiger lily, whose essence I cannot grasp, and so poetic words and thoughts will have to do.

For in the end our love is ancient, in my heart this is something that i cannot deny, I am a bird without wings, for without your love I have no need to fly.

For whenever I close my eyes, you alone appear, in the moments of anguish and despair and those that fill me with delight and cheer.

Is it foolish to say that the sun is incapable of rising without the moon, for too long they have been apart, and to be mended once more would never be too soon.

For who knows what looms amidst the abstract fragility that is our momentary life, which is why if we are incapable of honesty within one another’s eyes then it is we alone who lose inside and outside.

Alas to confide to you, which is what I must do, I can be tamed alone by you.

For a wolf has a partner, once mated they are together for life.

Now isolated, the archetype of the wounded warrior is in full bloom and the aches and pains have no end in sight.

Which is why I must slay my ego, I must slay my pride.

I must look inside to discover the gold necessary to alchemize a solution to this fruitless lie.

For I lay awake, attempting to concentrate on why I am that I am, and why I alone could have let you slip away.

Howling eternally I suppose you could say, until a conclusion is reached or our story continues onto the following page.

Sending you Light through Love,


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