Unwavering Solace, Madness

Clarity within the horizon, suspended upon a goliath mountain, there is a private occultation occurring.

Hidden for far too long from the common eyes, there is a synchronization once revealed to those whom are willing to perceive, that can only allow us to further rise.

A difficult situation riddled with complications that will only dissolve once simplicity at last hails validation, within my heart, therefore within my throne.

For within this tome, it shall always be known that we alone decide when we are humbled.

We alone decide if we shall purge that which we believe we have known.

We alone decide when the time of stagnation and depreciation has ended its cycle, and we at last dissipate the denial.

For it is a trial and an endless one at that, filtering through the entire spectrum whatever we wish to captivate and incite.

For life alone is but a wondrous delight.

When we allow it to pierce and fluidly encapsulate our true essence through the natural order rather than distorting your frequencies simply because you can no longer face a void and vacancy, that traverses through energy in motion, positive and negative must be equally acknowledged and released, so that you may further live in creation.

Creation rather than procrastination, for avoidance bears no fruit, and this fruit is sweet, and it is true, and at this moment in time, it is due.

For my soul requires dedication and manifestation in order to approximate it’s true destination upon this plane.

For in vain we wander in hope that we shall at last attain that which is always yonder, however unless we are aligned with exactly that which we emphasize within our own lives, the mirror is broken, revealing a fragmented impermanent disguise.

For truth is whole within our core, when we take a leap of faith into the mysterious void, we open the doors of reality that others simply fantasize of.

For the magic of alchemy transforming reality before thee begins internally, and is a constant challenge that we must work through ever so consciously.

As we reinforce ourselves day to day, by how we act and behave, by how we fuel our essence and drive.

By how we face this chaotic world courageously as whom we appear to be or allow fear to override as we look to the shadows for a place to hide.

Yet hide no longer, for the bell tolls constantly through complicity, and we go about the fabrication that is our nation until we smash the illusion, open our eyes and truly see.

That we alone are free if we choose to be.

We alone are in control and capable of understanding ourselves in order to make use of our finite placement within the perpetual existence that endlessly chides you and I, to continue droning along through this metal box, or to tear off these black and white clothes and allow the symphony of nature to transport us to the sublime.

Here we shall play and we shall dance, we shall make love and write stories that speak of the volumes of the Human Being, an obligation to better understand ourselves through the whole by chance.

Detention within Pandora’s box has at last come to an end, the chaos and mystery embedded within my history, I shall solve the riddles that encompass my genetic composition.

I will take my wayward compass and I shall hold it high, I will smash it to oblivion, for I am exactly where I am with reason, soon the future shall open and new worlds shall coincide.

Which is why from where I currently stand, upon the peak of infinity, it is clear to see, that we are all wandering through eternity, within no mans land.

Attempting to find a home, and attempting to take a hand.

Attempting to understand ourselves, attempting to conquer our mothers land.

Attempting to create art and facts, or simply attempting to make due, attempting to find solace within a black hole, now that is exactly what I intend to do.

Sending you Light through Love,


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