The Function Within

Flamboyant distortions are rippling chaotically throughout my entirety.

Delving deep within a deceased dichotomy, oh the irony, oh the ambiguity.

Alas, I am but a man made of glass, see through my heart before it shatters within the past, before it is healed in the future, in the middle, in the present, I must amass my willpower and traverse this realm.

For the world is calling myself as I coincide with my dictation, the truth that arises within when we no longer allow our shadows to bide our time.

To thrust away purgatory so that we may relinquish the dust still clinging to our cloaks.

As now that the coast is clear I intend to steer my physical vehicle down an all too familiar road.

The path of freedom, as it appears to me suddenly, as soon as I was at my darkest hour, blood curdling, tears dropping, praying on my hands and knees.

It is difficult at first to walk this path, the further you trek, the stronger you become however and soon there is no turning back.

For on track we are and always have been if we allow ourselves to enter the temple and tune our spirit in accordance with the world before us, a choice of colors or pure black.

One and the same if you ask me, for the ebony prism once acknowledged reveals the rainbow entirely.

Here were are as we always have been, at the beginning, middle and end of time.

It’s all the same, a mere matter of perspective simply draws a fictitious line, separating you from me, separating love and truth.

As we mingle within this transparency, an invocation springs forth, manifesting a painting of infinite volumes.

Depicting a bird, singing a song, flying among the ruins of a world gone wrong.

Yet the words that spring forth dictate that the situation within the portrait could very well be right.

For an end is a beginning, and a beginning always has an end in sight.

So it is here without hesitation nor fear that I drearily write a twilight symphony tonight in hope that it shall evoke the power of light, dissipating the collective plight, for we are capable of climbing infinite heights when we at least reach within and manifest our inherent might.

As all that ever was, is here at this very moment, and so forth renew that which allows you to pursue your highest calling, your dreams are a mere warning, that unless manifested through intent, they will be foreboding memories that you’ve been ignoring.

Here, shall we in fact then make a pact?

If you keep an eye on my shadows, then I’ll stand guard and revoke yours when they attempt to come back.

As we are of the natural order, therefore may I propose that we reinstate our relationship with a focus on symbiosis?

Where we respect and admire one another gifts and hold and caress one another when we begin falling?

For there is no point in stalling the adventure that has been set forth, for it shall resume whether or not I am whole, you can take the other part of my soul if you don’t wish to return.

But please do remember that it is an inferno, about to burst with embers, you feel the tether, energetically we are still together.

For life can be light as a feather or heavy as a mountain wrapped around your waist, within Shakti’s sweet embrace, your serene face displaces my ability to initiate my darkest space.

For I will not revolve around this pragmatic dilemma, I shall shoot my truth arrow upon the center of life, for here, in the middle ground, filled with purpose and your sweetness, that is how a man has at last, met his delight.

And so, as always, posthumously yet at least having an arrival, I must admit that I’ve led an existence that is somewhat contrived, derived and lopsided.

Yet that is simply because I am human, sweetness, is it not?

Who knows, our own calamity is that which further rotates this mental wheel, further producing more variably questionable thoughts.

It all comes down to forgiveness and the willingness to push yourself forward, onward towards the whitest of beaches, the stalwart cities, and hopefully, to avoid the pitfalls and rather sharp rocks.

Sending you Light through Love,


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