Flowers of Life and Death

Alignment with time in the most peculiar of ways.

As a flower may blossom in spring and wither before the frost begins to sting.

Emerging in the middle, through thick and thin, at the edge of a shadowy forest, we begin to descend.

Past the shadows and past the pain, through the trials that have forged us to this day.

Upon this earth we shout valiantly, at last we have arrived, here we are to reclaim.

Yet what if, on the contrary, there was not a single thing to save.

The symbolic build up to confront a shadowy menace, well it was most certainly in vain.

As we linger among the rubble of once was, we begin to see again.

For in the end it is true that the only act of service was an act of internal satisfaction.

To at last accept the challenge that has plagued thee from inception and to defeat yourself in single combat, redefining the perspective, that is our only redemption.

For there is nothing within our fractal plane, representing both heaven and hell depending on the certain day, that can be manipulated externally and confidently.

As above, so below, a quote of Hermes thrice Great, a wise man once considered among the greatest of ancient lords capable of both loving and foul play.

As it is and so it shall be, we can move towards the future or reminisce of our all too familiar antiquity.

The simple matter of the fact is that our times have greatly changed.

No longer are we embroiled within an iron cage that conditions us to remain within the same chapter rather than open a new world once having turned the page.

Some would state that my kind are deranged, for there is nothing that can shake my mind once it is set in its way.

Which is why within this trance, readily available at a moment without a second glance, I propose that we pursue the purpose within us by chance, maybe then this void will be filled.

Will it though, or is it simply the plague of the Human seeker, to delve deeper and deeper into the realm of the infinite thinker.

Accomplishing nothing other than the satisfaction of the chase, a true hunter for the outer worlds, which is why at times my physical manifestation feels as though it has been temporarily misplaced in space.

As that is where I dwell and truly belong, higher than ever before, yet I cling to this cool damp earth, it feels right yet ever so wrong.

For we can play strong or we can accept that ultimately we are fragile and weak, a mere cell feigning understanding and intelligence, now that is hilarity.

The polarity of the states, gliding among the waves, further through the ebony caves until at last it’s been discovered and arranged.

For discovery of the true intention is of the highest importance, dragging me further and further into the realms of focus.

Hocus pocus, the magic of insight, to know wrong from right, to determine the next step will be one of light.

Sending you Light through Love,


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