Shadows entangle Prisms

Bonds are meant to be shattered, admittedly this is certainly true.

For change within this archetype manifests by means of destruction, and without a doubt that was how our end was swiftly due.

Yet this is not a unique circumstance to say the very least, for scattered throughout the infinite continuum of humanity, it is littered with stories and poems that directly correlate to you and me.

For when we see at the very least that we are but a chemical equation, bounded to a tether upon a physical manifestation, volatile and prone to altering it’s energetic state, it is clear that every action has a reaction, typically the solution formulates before it’s too late.

Yet as for the moment hither, we feel completely immersed by this deep wound, to the point where we falter and our soul begins to splinter.

Layer by layer, we open ourselves up to the mystery, for we can only attain clarity when we accept ourselves entirely.

For we can remain fragmented within an ever chaotic sea, or rise to the occasion and dissipate the frequencies that have cost us so much of our ever limited vitality.

For we breathe freely when we choose to do so alone, we break through barriers when at last we no longer give ourselves a reason to postpone.

We open our brittle hearts at last when they have been shattered by wayward time, we admit to others that we are broken when we can no longer feign that we are intact inside.

We collide in an immense union with ourselves in the midst of twilight, when we have activated our third sight and are willing the enter into an individual occultist light.

Here we remain in the unknown, past the boundaries of our rather mundane and acquainted mental home, we move further and further past each dividing zone, until we at last acknowledge that the only semblance of separation was created through external programming or the damnation of fear, these thoughts that are our own.

We sit alone atop a thorn throne biding our time within the sublime.

Knowing that the pressure valve will burst far sooner than later, and we will be subjected to answer for the energetic tether that lowered us into this earthly realm, upon which the infinite council shall ask us, “what exactly now, did you accomplish with your energetic concept of time?”.

We emerge in the middle once more, believing that all shall be fine, for we are of abominable might and shall combat the Human plight until it dissipates into pure light.

Yet that is a challenge, can you not see?

As I am not one of manipulation, desecration or prolonged agony.

I alone am in control of my own faculties, as the head of my temple I see the world play before me.

I seek action at once through the essence of my own ions, for I am both wolf and lion, a hunter and a farmer, a shadow of the light.

I can do what I must, to further extrapolate meaning within the forbidden twilight.

To make sense of the deranged insanity traversing the sea before thee, I suppose that is why we are thrusting forward upon different paths, our spirits made a pact, till next we meet.

Upon a seat at the end of mile long table, an empty void sits at the far end, icy blue eyes pierce straight through my veil.

“Pray do tell, my sweet brother, have you decided at last that we were in fact made for one another?” My shadow whispers before bellowing into a fit of raging laughter.

I suppose this is my sentence, and I will be whole rather than fragmented, so that I may furthermore uncover, that which I am, within this ever grand plan.

I know, if you are still a fraction of what you used to be to me, then certainly, you would understand.

The journey set forth through uncertain lands, a trial by wind and fire, as I cross the seven seas and traverse the earth and sands.

Sending you Light through Love,


Please do in fact peak my catalog of original music if you feel obliged to do so,

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