Wandering Ebony, Lovely

Deeper and deeper, layer by layer, we begin to resolve that which absolved our inherent circumstances, that which revolves around our own individual dance, projected into the cosmos, as a heavenly choir accompanies our soul through the depths of our own hell.

Man made and self incarnate, this situation alone is one that seeps into the very essence of our existence, why is it that, under the disguise of shadows, we further crawl away, praying that the light of day shall in turn dissolve our wicked ways.

That is but a hope however, a simple mechanism ingrained within our DNA that allows us to cope with the picture, vividly changing before us.

To no surprise, it is our own demise that we seek, for in the end we may at last refer to the beauty of life, that which we cling to, that which seeps from us day by day.

Upon further inspection, the ability to analyze and determine the answer to the only question, why is it that a grain of sand is capable of comprehending it’s place within the vast depths of space?

For ultimately we can correlate, we can constantly relate, we can always demonstrate, why it is that our unique fate was our only thirst to sate.

These traits of mine, half man and half animal, allow a natural order to pierce my soul.

For I am on the prowl as I howl for prey, yet by midday I succumb to my own very Humanity, which further disassociates me from that which I am.

And so the quest continues, to break, to penetrate and to fade away, merely in suspicion that this pain will one day give way to an alchemical union with a higher order.

Alas, that is the point of our suffering, to understand and to in turn reprimand ourselves when in fact we alone traverse a path that was never ours to walk upon.

For these abyssal shadows that hail us further into the unknown do nothing but postpone the individual soul which has already seeded, waiting for the property of the physical body to align, break the artificial ego, and at last, be allowed to grow.

Hardships and errors circulate through our subjected infinity, to tune in or to tune out, after all, every fragment of this experience is in turn, a part of thee.

So, prowl and run, hide away from this reckoning, yet ultimately, we alone seek beckoning for atonement, an actualization that will allow us to break through a personal riddle, a poetic trance that is but abstract.

Abstract in fact as we are wandering through the twilight woods, trotting along ever so primal, to be honest with you, this is the only place where I feel true.

Otherwise, I feel as though I am due, out of tune, within a laughable zoo, in which there is a rarely an intact point of view.

As these sound waves have shut us down, as they were programmed to do.

In the midst of harvesting my internal fruit, a new addition manifests within my current view.

It is an offering, a choice, one that whispers softly that change is a constant and separates the seemingly sane from the hopelessly deranged.

Admittedly, all along, it is all I ever wanted.

To move forward as the wayward wind, to separate once and for all, so that I may see, for the very first time, that control alone is subjective if your objective does not revolve around you.

And so it is and so it was, as below is the same above, there is never too little yet never enough, this may be rough, in the moment, yet if harnessed, then it can carry you higher than ever before, sweet honey on my lips, welcome to tough love.

Sending you Light through Love,


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