Maya Traps Defiant Lions

Humility is considered a vanity within the current paradigm.

A drop of wine that shall intoxicate you, ridicule you into a new point of view.

For we are merely clinging to the possibility, and frequently, it demoralizes the status quo, that which encapsulates the entirety of both you and me.

A fever that clings ferociously, taunting thee, why on Earth would you cling to the old ways, these metal boxes decree.

Yet in reality, that which is a fallacy, an upside down key, that will unlock a treasure when we simply accept that the lock is within, now turn the mental key!

Here at last, without any distractions, the time has at last manifested to pay attention, alas with your own discretion.

Welcome to the barren wasteland, a hopeful paradise, created of all the elements, however the two most prominent within being fire and ice.

A trance by chance that you have stumbled upon the perpetual complexity that we alone align our inherent destiny, no futility for it is an abstract representation.

Furthermore pursue the motivation to express your devotion.

Bound not by an institution nor any external commitments, the truth alone is that we are a vacant vessel, waiting to be filled and spilled, entranced through magic if only to acknowledge the illusion.

Delusions, then, are but a self inflicted wound, for we can protrude consciously from that isolated booth, to break into the new, alas, in this day and age, what is anyone’s point of view, truly sweet listener, does your heart belong to you?

Or, at the behest of the unconscious collective, are we simply once more caught up in the disaster of infinite Maya, an alternate reality that dissects furthermore my entirety, I know not of thee.

For I see, with mere clarity through the act of being present within simplicity, that this prerogative that possesses me is an idealistic fantasy, a robust dichotomy that presents evermore perplexities within the fold of this ebony citadel.

For I can contemplate all that I wish, however ultimately then no magic would have manifested.

And as I do return to you, balance, if only for this evening, for I have been increasingly deceiving, yet that means that my soul is bleeding out so that it may at last succumb to healing.

Acceptance through virtue of the stars for I am and always have been far, far away, from you and every single point of view that lays within your own mystery.

A comedy or a tragedy, the perspective is merely in the eyes of the beholder.

I am no cannon fodder, I am a master, an alchemist of old coming to scold himself for the errors that have evolved through the years as I seem to grow more bold, and certainly old.

Yet that is a precept, a simple opinion, for we alone are the lords and mistresses of our eternal dominion.

Never have I ever deemed myself unworthy of the act of change, however I have certainly been rather deranged, completely insane, which is in fact why intact is the state of my membrane.

Shifting and always persisting further unto the isle in which I shall meet the giants who remain defiant and to this day roar like lions, ah, my own ilk, those whom I’ve always sought after.

Without a second thought however the moment fades away revealing the epitome, a tomb and a womb, that which I crawled from and where my body lays eternally until the cycle resets and the Sun meets it’s doom.

In the middle, where I stand, upon this Earth, oh how I love no man’s land.

Suffice to say that it has at last reached dawn and I have broken through the night unto the light of a new day.

Here I shall repay the debt owed to myself, my heart and spirit in tune universally.

Sending you Light through Love,


My original music is available within the link below,

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