Defying Death while living Life.

The race against time.

The war against the war that is inevitably our lives.

A struggle, a paradigm, an opportunity, both a triumph and a tribulation.

We seek further into the void, the open infinity that encapsulates the entirety.

It is here and here alone, upon this physical plane that we experience that which is, a lesson in pain, what we gain ultimately, is growth, understanding that every challenge and negligence was certainly not in vain.

As there is a grand plan, is there not?

A micro within the macro that attempts to explain our ever finite view, through our actions and thoughts.

A dual approach, for we are all a single cell within the vessel of chaos, moving through positive and negative emotions, this is without a doubt.

For as the waves grow higher and more violent, casting us beneath the undertow, it is here that we must face the extremity, to suddenly learn to swim or to sink deeper and deeper below the surface.

There is nothing wrong with drowning, fearing that it may come to an end, for this limited toolkit that we possess leaves us with little to comprehend the orders our spirit sends.

So we sink within, here we face the tyrant, the one sitting upon the throne of skull and bones, a threat to ourselves and the world, unless we valiantly defy this shadow figure, and instead transmute the ebony throne into one of light and love, to force the demon within to bend the knee and swear fealty to our highest self, for we alone are capable of being the king or queen.

Within our conquered domain internally we can set about conquest outside our ego, outwards into the external world, now the quest begins, an adventure so to speak.

Through the highest mountains and the deepest ravines, we analyze the paradox and acknowledge that nothing is ever as it seems.

For alternative objectives and separate paths, cross our own ever so often, and if we are incapable of holding our own space and repelling the invasion without, then within there may be no turning back.

And so we must resist no more and allow our reckoning to commit with full force.

As where we render our opening, wounds will appear with no remorse.

A vicious garden of Eden that must be walked upon with caution, the foolish attempt to tame the vines and serpents so that they may pretend they control the fountain.

That which we all drink from, the fountain of life, that which allows the world tree’s thirst to be quenched, rather than allow our collective roots that intertwine and entangle to corrupt and eventually cause the entire structure to crumble.

This is part of the construct however, as it was always part of the plan, for both life and death should be greatly appreciated as part of the natural cycle.

As ultimately if we were vampires, living in the shadows eternally, then how could we possibly appreciate that we have limited essence, therefore as quickly as possible we must divulge our fear and futility and take our grand stand.

For I have no fear of burning alive, manifest solely as ashes, so that one day I will be reborn from the latter, from water of the wind into the earthly tune, here I shall once more dance in both aspects, the sun and twilight both make me feel ever so alive.

To survive until the end, although time seems to bend when we are incapable of releasing and at last making amends, as it is a full circle, clashing and crashing upon us.

This is it, my holy dust, scattered to the endless winds, so that I may once more begin with a chaotic grin.

Sinners and Saints tend to procreate in order to bring balance to Heaven and Hell upon this Earthly state, alas, what would you call fate?

Is it to be despised and filled with hate or synthesized through light and ultimately brimming with the purest of love?

These thoughts from above and below manifest in the middle in the form of a riddle.

To define our own nature is impossible unless we subjugate ourselves to stasis, relinquishing the freedom to choose, win or lose as we see fit.

Forward or backwards, we alone carry the torch of our heart and determine if it shall stay lit.

Move forward from anguish, forgo the vengeance and lift your heavy heart into the sky.

For we are but an aspect of the universal consciousness, we alone unlock our truth or allow it to be denied.

Sending you Light through Love,


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