Beasts, Men, Gods and Demons.

The twilight wolf prowled discreetly through the ancient red woods.

This was his domain, the hunter that proudly wandered amidst his natural landscape, one with the elements as they were one with him.

There was nothing out of place, each moment was one in the same of utter concentration and presence.

His role was simple, he took as he needed and nothing more.

On this day however, there was a smog about, and an uneasy intuitive motion gripped his stomach, turning his insides.

Certainly, he was not alone, the presence of an outsider gripped his senses, and there was no place for those whom did not follow the natural order encompassing this part of the Universe.

Distraught and uneasy, he set about his role as both hunter and guardian of this ancient land, and moved to confront the unknown force.

The fire was burning brightly at last.

The past few weeks had been brutal, exhausting and full of terror for the man and his young daughter.

The mother had been slain, as was his son, when encroaching bandits set upon his family’s multi generational farm, on the edge of the vast redwoods forest that had always been a place of mystery and the unknown.

No one of his lineage had dared moved into the grand forest, for it was untameable and was protected by the ancient Gods and Goddesses whom he prayed to for protection and clarity everyday.

Now however, the world had changed in the blink of an eye.

His home was shattered, as without his love and strong son, there was nothing left, despite the fact that his home was burnt down, his belongings stolen, leaving him no possessions.

That was not what plagued him, for possessions could be replaced with time, his family however, he could not recreate.

The fire, burning bright but moments ago, suddenly began to dimmer immensely, thrown off by a strong wind.

The howling was audible then, and the man began to feel fear grip his bones.

He had but an ax, and he had his young daughter, who was wheezing and coughing, who hadn’t spoken since the horrible tragedy befell them, to protect and care for.

Breathing deeply inwards, he calmed himself and prepared for the moment.

Howling and filled with primal energy, the twilight wolf edged closer to the proximity of the unknown, bloodthirsty and unrelenting, the stalker fixed his eyes upon what shall soon be prey.

As the howling dissipated and an eerie chill settled over the meager encampment the man had created for himself and his loving daughter, a presence encroached around him of pure power.

Both of light and darkness, hate and love, the man felt himself immensely aroused and disgusted at once, envy and fear encapsulated his very essence, bringing him to his knees, he made an attempt to scream, yet no noise emitted.

The twilight wolf leapt gracefully from the shadows, baring his razor teeth and letting out a bloodthirsty howl as he encircled the two humans, one small and one much smaller, with hardly any meat on her.

“Look father, mother and brother are here” the little girl tiredly said in between coughing fits as a light pierced the darkness and a half woman, beautiful and upright with curvaceous features, half man, powerful, scarred and with glistening muscles, stepped into the enclosure.

“What brings you here little ones? It has been so long since your kind have stepped out into the wild, tell me, do you come bearing an offering?” The being said without words, telepathically communicating to the paralyzed man as his young daughter halted her coughing and began laughing hardheartedly, then maniacally.

Shivering and sweating at once, the man shook his head profusely in an attempt to dissuade the demigod of its intention on harvesting the youthful energy of his beautiful young daughter, the only thing in this hellish world that mattered to him still.

The twilight wolf caressed the legs of the being of beauty and destruction as it gently patted the enormous beasts coat before coming close to the face of the child and licking her face greedily.

The child laughed and clapped her hands and hugged the enormous beast.

“Please no…. you…. can’t…. have…… her…….” the man eventually managed to croak out and he forced himself from his knees and gripped his ax, which had the weight of the world upon its hilt.

“You are right. I can’t. For I am not present. I am within the ether. However. You lie. This is an offering, one you must make in fact if we are to have a relationship. Nothing comes for free dear man. This you know very well.” And then with a vicious smile and the snap of the demigods Male fingers, the twilight wolf began to hungrily tear into the small child.

The child had no fear, showed no emotion, allowed her essence to seep from her and into the beast, and from the beast, into the demigod, a clear light funneling from one vessel to the next, an energetic exchange if you will.

The man cried in horror as he lifted his ax high before driving it hard into the skull of the twilight wolf, caving in it’s skull and killing it instantly.

As he threw his ax to the ground and in horror and insanity, picked up the remnants of his little loves disfigured carcass, he wept like thunder and cursed both heaven and hell for condemning him the loneliness of traversing the middle Earth once more all alone, with nothing but pain to guide him.

The demigod watched intensely before at last beginning to slowly clap.

“Quite a spectacle, quite a show indeed, you humans always know how to please with such ease. It is a shame that my favorite wolf has met its demise, then again, your daughter, the only light in your life remaining, did so as well. It is a fair exchange would you say not? A fair exchange indeed. Now, gather yourself and let’s come to an agreement, a charter and a pact, so that you may exact your vengeance upon me one day in the form of a trap” the being said as it plucked flowers from the earth, tore bark from the tree, rolled the ingredients up and began to smoke on it fervently.

As the man cried he too began to laugh, for nothing was on track and everything he lacked, there was nothing fair nor nothing to gain, so why would he repent against this daemon when it offered both salvation and endless pain?

“Come now, smoke in peace with me before we fall to pieces, you see now we are bound, you are my conduit upon this earthly plain, there is no point in me attempting to deceive you beyond this fact”, the being softly said.

As the man found himself inhaling a sweet aroma that desecrated his innards and finally reeked of decay, he found himself falling in a trance, leaving his body and funneling into the ether, before entering the vessel of the dead wolf.

“Yes perfect, perfect indeed, you see this is how you shall remain, this is how you shall be. For there is no reason for a broken man to remain in a humans body, now you shall be my beast and live earnestly and naturally, no longer pondering nor caring for all that egotistical futility. Yes indeed, all along, this is what you were meant to be” the being yelped in delight, each word shifting from high and soft to deep and heavy.

As the twilight wolf once stood up from his grave, born anew in his natural elements once again as he was an eternal creature bound to both heaven and hell, one that would never fade, he looked around himself and noticed two lifeless piles of meat.

These were not his own kills however, so he allowed them to be.

“We shall see one another soon enough my furry friend, enjoy your woods, stalk, hunt and play, and don’t you ever attempt to think or believe, for that is my duty, and yours is this solely, to simply be. Tallyho and until next we meet, I’ll see you by the moon river, where you can drink our mothers blood and rest your wicked beauty”.

As the demigod faded into a wisp and was carried off by the winds, the twilight wolf leapt off into the great redwoods, for they were his domain and he was its master.

For his role was simple, he was simply meant to be.

Sending you Light through Love,


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