Illusions and Solutions

Illusions and delusions.

The two most commonplace ghosts that we experiment alongside throughout our human experience.

These fallacies that act as evasions from our own truth, preventing us from actualizing that which is inherently true.

Most importantly, we must remember, that this is but a page written among the grand stage.

Alteration is but a point within our own desecration, yet ultimately we must acknowledge the vindication, as our soul traverses the cosmos we must see it fluidly with validation.

A crucifixion, dearest brother oh how I am ever so grateful.

Yet the carnage spilled upon our collective anvil ever since your plunge into the depths, it had never come to a standstill, each eon, oh how our innocent crimson continues to drip and drop.

While the greedy and bloodthirsty continue to sip the fruits of our burden ever so vividly without a second thought.

Forgiveness, that may too be a part of our curse.

For I can’t rehearse nor can I stay my inner blade.

For the more I continue to allow the darkness to traverse unchecked, the more I am consumed by misery and dismay.

For that is part of the delusion within the illusion, which allow the petty thieves to continue to devour our resolution.

For we seek more, do we not?

As we are devoured by the mindless darkness representing calculations rather than divination, oh how our ancestors have always cursed the steel emotionless thought.

Unfortunately we live within this ever chaotic reality, the darkness inherent swallows the light ever so ferociously as it is incapable of manifesting and in turn harnessing any pure form of love.

For it is the unconscious pitted against the conscious, we free ourselves and awaken to the kaleidoscopic backwards realm that we inhabit, then we have but a choice.

Shall we choose to remain empty and in pursuit of a white rabbit that exists upon another plane in vain, or shall we emerge as ourselves at long last, valiantly screaming that our honor shall not be tainted, no we are here to stay.

Here we remain, upon middle earth, in a constant cycle of rebirth reverberating throughout the struggle between the forces of preconceived heaven and hell.

Ring the bell if you will, but remain rather still, for we already swallowed the red and blue pill, now we may act upon our willingness to step into into the beyond or be further forged by society’s constructed will.

Rarely can we fantasize, for the intensity of our collective certainly breaks through the lines. Subjected?

No, oh no. I have not been for quite some time.

For I am a free man upon mother’s earth who is constantly questioned by the grandfather known as many names, commonly referred to as the sublime.

So yes maybe we will find peace, otherwise we are cut into pieces, then maybe this universal errand shall cease.

Find me upon the bridge of eternity, as I watch the spirits swim or drown, encourage those whom are flailing valiantly, while others seemingly disappear up or downwards without so much as a sound.

Sending you Light through Love,


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