Lessons of Less

Those that Eat the World and those that in turn, Recreate.

Without a doubt within the nocturnal as the last of the Sun’s kiss drips down, this is what we shall contemplate.

As the Human spirit is inherently separated into two specific phases.

Our darkness and our light, this is what I always seem to expand upon.

For I am evolving and before too long, the division within my heart will be no longer.

I am grateful for that, and seeing as I am willing to release this prism of pain that shall manifest soon into a spiritual gain, maybe you too, my lost soul brother or sister, will be able to do so in turn.

As that is what we yearn for, the final solution to the absolution that infringes upon us.

Maybe this is nothing more than the purging of a riddle as I stare within the depths of the abyss, playing my loyal crimson fiddle.

Nonetheless I must certainly digress, for I am ever so grateful for the lessons that I have been allowed to softly digest.

For this world is on FIRE.

It sears in the night.

In the light also it succumbs to the absence of that which is morally right.

For we the Humans, fight with the demons, and ask the angels for but a moment of guidance.

As we are traumatized and injured, on every single possible level, those whom do not understand this statement, you alone I revel.

For we are meant to rebel when this constricting construct impedes our capability to furthermore glide into the astral plane that expands our innermost horizon.

Wishes are for fishes, that is a paradox, for only within the school of hard knocks are we able to truly pull up our socks.

See it here and now, relinquish that petty frown, for I know not what you have been through, yet still I would gladly share it with you, if only somehow.

That is the difference, the shape shifting essence, that we manifest without hesitance, so that we don’t need to explore our descent.

Yet without the fall, how ever could we possibly rise?

As our demise certainly leads to an eventual sunrise, and the cycle repeats within the conscious construct of time.

A rhyme, that is something we can all relate too.

Fate too, that may sate you, if you allow yourself to free fall into the arms of that which made you.

Yourself and your innermost spirit, brothers and sisters, tell me, are you incapable of hearing it?

Worry not, for that is my ultimate tribulation too at the moment.

The inability to manifest that which truly aligns with me, only for a moment am I in the midst of heaven, then as a sly flute begins to ring, I am nowhere near it.

An initiative that I certainly did not start, for do we not all simply wish to be free from the insanity and profanity that encapsulates all of Humanity, how on Earth could we possibly breathe if our innermost entity is calcified and locked within.

The simple matter of the fact is that we alone hold the key.

So please do indeed analyze in between the lines, philosophize and hypothesize the reality before you and I, for soon it shall break.

As it was always meant to.

Then we are capable of harnessing the energy in which we are built of, that which we ultimately cling to.

The differentiating factors amid the Earth and Sky, is that you and I are both the Creator and Destroyer, we shall switch roles in due time.

Furthermore please do not hold a grudge upon the spire of fire, for it alone showed us that which is horrible and dire, and without that experience, then maybe within our love, we would have ultimately expired.

Signs, point me in the right direction of intention for my truest affection, certainly that is which I have been neglecting.

Perception certainly, these various anomalies, that sanctify my sanctuary, the truth embedded within me.

Rivers of flame, water, earth and air, tell me, are you separate, or within the collective, is it the same genetic traits that you share?

For you may be born of Fire and I may be born of Ice, but life is simply a chance, and who knows what sort of pain will cut your heart infinitely if you are not willing to roll the dice.

Sending you Light through Love,


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