Dreamers and Believers

Although crimson tears stained with experience of the current flow may encapsulate my entirety, I am nothing but grateful for this opportunity to release.

For seldom do we ponder that which lead us past the threshold of breaking, yet if I am not mistaken it is the only time in which my vessel does not feel vacant.

As the empathetic soul does what it can to simply hold its space, within this moment and time that grinds our core, leaving us rather out of place.

It is here alone that we must face, the anvil and the hammer of our own destiny, that which has forged our path to this day can easily vanish without a trace.

Leaving us feeling rather lost and at what cost?

The cost of our very spirit.

Every single day it can be empowered or further depleted.

Which is why song and dance allow us to leave the world within a parallel trance.

Romance in turn too, once broken, is but a lesson that can either destroy or further create our deepest message.

Which is why I write this message, upon these digital lines.

To better understand and forgive myself, and in turn to project it, so that you may reason with yourself within a single glance.

As we are altered forever more within this substance, the choice is ours alone to either surrender to the night or recognize the light.

Remaining out of sight and in peril, that is the road of the victim, one whom I am ever so empathetic towards, as I used to fill those very shoes.

Making me loose and uncertain, unwilling to face the demons surrounding me, pretending that eventually they would dissipate and I would be forgotten.

On the contrary however, the more you ignore, the more you are filled with scorn, the more you are sipped from and energetically eaten, until at last you are truly torn.

It is here at this moment, that we must choose to be reborn or be annihilated.

As our ego can never be sated, the examples throughout our history carried into the present certainly won’t leave our collective in the future.

And so we can choose to continue down the mindless road or take a conscious detour, and at last review our life wondering how we came to be.

Brothers and sisters without a doubt we are filled with insanity, yet suffering is a direct consequence of being conscious and that may be what makes us, at the very least, free.

As we can traverse the epitome of our own monstrosity or face it ever so bravely and at last, make it tame.

For we possess the name of our great foe, that which we sign at the end of each contract.

To disavow our fragility may in fact leave us anything but intact.

And so I apologize, I truly do, for I am not you and I know not what you have been through.

I know not which makes each of us stay awake throughout dusk and until dawn, for I am but a singular cell, and as with the fate of every human, I shall be gone before too long.

Yet that is why we must stand valiantly at every moment, rather than prolong, the inevitable.

Our fate is our own song that we may choose to release and sing or in fact cling to the false beliefs that we alone, must be wrong.

I fear not any longer, yet that is because my ember burns brightly and is constantly in use.

My warrior spirit fights hardships and quarrels with eternity, I ask myself every single moment, is it of any use?

Yet that is the denial, the judge, jury and executioner of darkness that is constantly putting our hearts on trial.

As I am of the same pile, you and I, we all must come together in this chaotic world rather than slip further into the state of revile.

A numbness may consume us at times, but only hate and fear makes us remain ignorant and docile.

As the powers that be were forged throughout eternity and stand atop a ebony pyramid, laughing at both you and me.

Yet pity for them is all I see, for the pain they inflict upon the grand state of humanity ultimately returns to them, a thousand times fold, so that they may learn the lessons that they thought were of an inferior complexity.

As we are all of the same tree, the roots may be rotten, as the water of life has been poisoned, as the truth has been simply avoided.

For connection and affection, those two traits will bring us to a state of understanding, rather than reprimanding, those that remain mysterious to our ever so limited perspective.

Neglected and affected, it is easy to remain within this state, yet furthermore that will prevent you from evolving into the eternal beauty that you have always represented in the first place.

As our time is limited from the moment we exit the womb until we at last breathe our final breath and enter whatever tomb has been engraved as our next stage.

We alone have the answer, we alone are capable of continuing our story and turning to the next page.

And so in turn allow us to see to the seasons, that naturally shift constantly and without any reason.

For none of us will ever be appeased when lightning strikes us nor when both the waters rise viciously and the earth itself shakes from deep within the ground.

It is only after these tribulations that affect each and every nation, that we are capable of expanding upon the representation that facilitates our otherworldly dictation.

As deep within the twilight our dreams may set us alight, we may lose ourselves to the hidden messages or at last realize that only we can choose wrong from right.

And so in hindsight, the divine feminine has certainly asked me for repentance, which I gladly gave her so that at last I was able to feel acceptance.

If you understand that previous sentence, know that the damage cannot be undone, yet it can certainly be healed if we are willing to release the deepest pain in which these wounds stem from.

Forgiveness, yes that is a thing of beauty, for if it is not at last admitted, then we will burn with rage and be trapped within our own mental cage, sisters please know this truth and brothers please actualize it through thee.

And it goes both ways, for the duality is present within humanity, these are monsters among us all, just as there are Angel’s whispering, “please, just let it be”.

I feel as though that may be a key to finality, as we have such a long way to go, before at last we can finally hear the pain and sorrow from another, hug them deeply with a presence that simply states, I too, now know.

Berate the little tyrants if you will, yet we are the ones siphoning our own destiny in order to pay these energetic bills, that long ago were designed to kill, our truest passions and greatest thrills, leaving us within a standstill.

We can be busy bees, yes that is easy, lost within the hive mind and hearing nothing but the buzz, simply seeking more and more honey.

Isn’t it funny, our programming, deep within our bones, which falsifies the deepest truths, that we alone have forgotten, and we alone can once more take up a quest to truly know.

Yes, we reap what we sow, to fly high or be dragged deep within the undertow.

I’ll let you in on a little secret, I’ve done my best throughout this lifetime to poison and destroy my own temple, the only home I know.

I believe we all do in a way, for it is far easier to run and hide from misery and dismay, rather than face it within the shadows of our heart and say, certainly, you shall not take me today, for my role within this stage has not yet been played.

Ancient and never vacant, that is our beloved, for long ago we the people made a true covenant, and long ago we were tainted and fragmented by those seeking momentary power, attempting to dissolve the balance.

Which is why we always return, to prove to ourselves that the lesson is not over, for we have not yet truly learned, what it truly means to be free, in a world mastered by those who frequently prefer to purge.

So here I diverge and here I divulge.

Your essence can be brought down to the deepest of chasms or soar truly up above.

Upon the middle earth, here we are painting our very own picture, here we are writing a story that will one day provide ourselves with the answer.

It does take time, yet we are the only species that utilizes it, for it is our own construct.

Right now we have the opportunity, to furthermore neglect or truly manifest pure love.

For the struggle for unity and eternity shall never cease within the frame of this momentary portrait.

This is a call to arms my friends, we can either answer it or choose to ignore it.

Torn between ourselves, between heaven and hell, please do pray and tell, how will this life of yours be forged upon the eternal anvil?

Support my work by following the blog and sharing it among your friends and family, please don’t hesitate to message me for discussion.

Sending you Light through Love,



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