Both the Native and Alien

I feel rather empty, yet ever so full.

I suppose that may be our natural state, when we have at last subjected that which has been previously rendered.

A gift and a curse, that which we have gladly rehearsed.

A sentinel that continues breeding within the sentiment of that which was untimely worse.

A moment of clarity within the fallacy, when all you count is inferno paws and those whom can barely breathe.

It is here among the shattered epitomes we read the chronicles of the journey, one ever so vivid and commonly referred to as reality.

Filled with magic, quarrels, victories and characters of every type.

As we type each word through thought and action alone, a tragedy can very quickly transform into a delight.

Foreign or similar, an ever shifting cascade can very easily purge or surge through our vessel, emotions in order processing through the variables of that which differentiates me from thee.

Only momentarily due we break through and glimpse the horizon, the endpoint of our wayward journey that may or may not exist.

So shall we persist to reach the end of this illusion, maya’s ensnarement of ourselves within this realm, tell me to truly live your fate is that at last freedom or a peculiar form of entrapment.

Sipping the serene waters of life while rolling the chaotic dice.

Spices of every variant within the stratosphere, far and near allegories that shall in time intertwine with the present.

Leading to an ultimate ascent or descent, a pivotal factor to embrace grace or neglect.

Here and now we are allowed to purge at long last, as this is minuscule in comparison to the macro expression of totality, yet just as vital to the spectrum of eternity, never too slow and never too fast.

Accept it, for that is the past, and here right now we must readily venture into the everlasting light.

Through the darkest of nights we at last rise, from dusk until dawn, we are met with a new day, the rebirth if you are willing accept such a strange anomaly, you’ll be in for the greatest of surprise.

For life and death constantly play the bet within the finite construct of time.

To each their own, to fall or eventually claim there throne, grandfather clock continues to tick and tock throughout the sublime.

For we are the most clever of designs or a portrait that is ever so vacant.

The decision of manifestation to encapsulate your truest calling or ultimately forsake it.

For myself I have come to the conclusion, that this horizon is mine and mine alone and no longer will I allow my heart to be crumbled and taken.

As we choose to divulge and diversify and allow those around us to surge from that which is our inherent energy.

Complexity, yes these exchanges can certainly be, however that should be the immediate red flag, as simplicity is the root of symbiosis, together we are one another and that is the truest.

Purest intention going forward and as a foreword, we are the only boundary and defining setting, there is nothing you should be regretting, a mere lesson in this session.

Bloom and blossom to your utmost fruition.

Sending you Light through Love,


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