Continnum, Amor Fati

An ending to errors of galactic proportions.

Hanging by a thread in the midst of infinite suspension, a single breath my soul has not taken.

Leading to vacant quarrels and pointless mischief, this monstrosity of a construction, the darkness within, was always my challenge to deal with.

One moment in a fit of rage and through meditation it solemnly decays, here and now I pursue the end of my shadows reign.

For I can feign control as long as I wish.

Yet always it persists and always more it swallows.

These hungry ghosts of mine have lead me far and wide, I am simply thankful that for the time being not one of those destinations has been the gallows.

As it is easy to feel shallow and rather out of touch, when in reality to at last admit defeat is the only time you will grow up.

For change is constant and resistance is futile, when we reject the unknown we sit in a similar situation, furthermore we are lost in denial.

As a trial is certainly a curse, but in the end it will prove to be a gift.

For through the challenges and adversities, every aspect of our entirety is able to strengthen.

If I am not mistaken that is why we are still here.

So please do give yourself some love and praise, as in this world of confusion and chaos we certainly do not give ourselves nearly enough cheer.

Why is that do you believe?

Maybe because we’ve been programmed with fear.

To the point where trust in oneself no longer exists, because we are not willing to hear, our inner dreams, those that will bring our heart more near.

As I am no seer but I certainly do see, the irony in the chronicles of each of our compartmentalized story.

As it leads to the whole, each fragment known as me and you, it also matters not what we constantly think, for we shall be remembered solely for what we do.

As a hero or a villain, maybe a combination of the two.

Ultimately it all lies in the eyes of the beholder, for our perspective will render our state of consciousness into a greater power or a stagnating and forgotten point of view.

Henceforth, with this knowledge of responsibility, the next step forward is of mere affinity.

For the art of alchemy refers to the capability of enacting a sudden and strange change.

Sure, some may point and laugh claiming you are insane, but even if that is the case, at the very least you are not deranged.

As it is not easy, but in the end the hard way is the easy way.

For it is difficult initially to keep your demons at bay, yet ever so rewarding when angels begin to take their place.

So keep your chin up and allow relaxation to enter your brittle face.

As we are no mere space cadets, we are the truth bearers that align in accordance with understanding and then disappear without a trace.

Bearing the fruit of forward initiative, spreading it far and wide.

There is but one other option in our case, to self destruct and hide.

When you have traversed the deepest darkest corridors of your own mind, finding nothing but pain and sorrow, then you realize that you were stuck to a ball and chain all this time.

Then in the present you can very well enter the sublime, the illuminating sunlight will at last show you that all that ever was and ever will be is here at this moment in time, and that feels just fine.

So take a moment of contemplation, wherever you are within your own nation, and allow yourself to come to a conclusion, a self proclaimed renunciation, to move forward unto dawn rather backwards into the darkness of invalidation.

For suffering is a buffering zone in which we can stay eternally.

Only once we live through it and at last decide to no longer play that horrid game, can we at last spread our wings and into the realm of love, at last fly away.

On a final thought be careful with your thoughts, for we are not programmed robots.

Allow not that which burns you up inside to roam unchecked, for if there is nothing but neglect in our mental garden, then how are we ever capable of choosing that our lives, we inherently respect.

Detect that ails you, release it and ponder upon the possibility that you alone know when the time has come to release and remain entirely true.

Grateful as always for the opportunity to release. Stay up to date with my work by following the blog and show some love by sharing among your friends and family.

Sending you Light through Love,


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