Journey from the Void

In the midst of a cool breeze, certain cellular anomalies arise, leading to a rather humble surprise.

For there are constant paradoxes that may traverse our astral mind in the depth of night, bringing us closer or farther from the truth set in stone.

As we have but a single fate, unless we run and hide, correlating variables that ultimately with our values, they did not align.

Yet in the end every single action towards acknowledgement or dissatisfaction truly served its purpose.

As when we emerge unbroken from the ruins of our own destruction, we may utilize what we have learnt to create a future that is certain.

For I am a man of many faces, never willing to wear a mask that fits improperly for too long.

In the end however, when my chest of illusion disguises was empty, I set forth to the mirror on the wall.

What did I see? A face of every description possible, yet also one that was blank and empty.

A challenge at first it appeared to me, as the inferno within my belly began to roar, I remembered a poem that always seemed soothe me in the midst of an internal frenzy.

The highest plain hidden with the deepest cavern

Searching for the soul gem, which was long ago scattered

Leading to temptation, further dissecting the whole

In the end however, we remain more fragmented than ever before

Then a light reaches out, whispering of a journey

Here you will find either annihilation or your long sought after affinity

For serenity and fallacies are dichotomies that we rarely see

Unless we analyze what brought us to jump from infinity, upon this astral plain

Here we shall remain, until we have mastered our own game

Here we shall remain, until we see that we have but a single name

Here we shall remain, among the crimson peaks, ivory hills, ebony clouds and sapphire creeks

Here we shall remain, until victory and defeat are one and the same.

Alas there is a duty, one that has always creeped within my bones.

Calling me to a higher form of judgement, rather than sitting alone, analyzing the future and ancient tomes.

Although I do not wish to venture into the external unknown that calls, I know that I must sooner than later abide.

For the war is upon us, even though I would rather march upon my own path, rather than choose a side.

As I have never cared for the games of the mortals, I have engaged them far too often.

A man of honor is easily caught up in a world of corruption, and it is far too easy for his morals to be forgotten.

Leaving us as those whom we resisted again, an absence of love embedded deep within our chest.

Maybe that is part of my essence however, as my greatest enemy ultimately is the one within whom I have always dueled against.

Taking different forms and attempting to lead me down a path of chaos and scorn.

Many times I have lost these battles, many times I have wandered as one of the forlorn.

Many times I have faded, many times I have lost trust.

Many times I have given in to vices and the bestial ways of lust.

Yet my own Armageddon is upon me, a trial that shall test my limits.

No longer am I a selfish banshee, wailing to the skies for my own riddance.

No, at last I have seen a flower buried deep within my chest.

It has been begging to bloom for longer than I can recall, yet I have always set it on fire and scattered it to the four corners of the astral compass, preferring the company of my own demons instead.

Yet used and abused, these are not my friends.

They have been seeking my own end for their gain, and frankly what else was I to expect.

For I have been alone under dark and low lit bridges.

I have wreaked havoc upon an Eden with negligence.

Yet I have also been atop the bridge, crying out for myself, begging him to come home and at last seek help.

I too have been planting the seeds of paradise, not once, twice, but thrice.

I have been on both sides of the coin, and at last here and now my memories coincide.

And so I seek not repentance, for that is a state of mind.

I seek not justice for the world, for when you go to war with the devil you will either take the throne of darkness in the end or be burnt alive.

I seek recreation, simply through oneself.

As I have followed the cycle of destruction for far too long, and admittedly it has lead me nowhere but deeper into hell itself.

I see where I am now, in a hallway of endless corridors.

Riddled with pathways and doors of every size, realities and futures of possibilty that could very well propagate my demise, or allow me to truly be alive.

Fortunately, there is a single path for me.

I need not wonder nor wander any longer throughout the plains of eternity.

I shall remain stoic and optimistic and follow suit of my ancestors, those who have faced both sides of the coin as well, and come to the same answer.

As we live in a world that experiences a fluctuating state of paradise and disaster.

It is our duty I suppose then, to master thyself in a positive manner.

For upon this path, you will find many hardships, yet never will you find the need to look behind and question if you are upon the correct track.

As valiantly and courageously, you will know that in the end there was but a single path.

Be wary on the contrary of the complexity, for the deeper we go into the world of infinity, the more we recognize our own fragility.

The deeper we go into denial, the longer the path of our own trial.

Gather up your urges and ways of endlessly seeking and toss them upon a pyre, this is no purge, this is admitting that we are taking control of our reality, no longer subject to the madness that never ceases to spiral.

Here and now, allow me to take the first step.

This isn’t a sacrifice, it is mere acceptance.

As none of us can remain in a world of our own that is always bent.

Otherwise we will be subject to another’s will, another’s thrill, another’s chill that we never allows ourselves to remain still.

Through purgatory we have sailed, and at last we see the continuation of a fruitless journey or jump into the whirlwind of eternity, accepting that we were never in control to say the least.

Resistance is futile, yet never in vain, for without the trials and tribulations of the world unfolding, you would never have arrived at what you became.

Judgement is not reserved for us upon one another, we are all brothers, sisters, friends and lovers.

Together we can create and demonstrate that in the end, all we can do is learn from one another, mirroring ourselves endlessly in discussion and admissions, so that in the end we may reach our own conclusion and decision.

I am grateful for you all. These words heal my soul. They shall continue to do so until my expiration date, and I hope that you too may find your own meaning and healing within them, as that is the purpose. If you wish to support my work and stay in tune with my newest pieces, please follow the blog and share it with your friends and family. Please do not hesitate to message me with questions or for mere discussion.

Sending you Light through Love,


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