Welcome, come one, come all?

If anything I was nothing but a lost boy, waiting to hear the music of the immortals.

Those haunting melodies that traverse throughout the absence of time.

Now, as a man, I am constantly quarreling with these discrepancies.

For the beauty and sorrow of these engagements does nothing but remind me of my own entirety, internally reminiscing of what should and could be, alas the realm of infinite possibility.

So to further examine and further ponder, where the wind shall take me across the world of blossoming flowers.

Indeed, there is but a single lily that shall always hold power and sway within my inner iris, where nightmares rarely spare the fact that the past is now a fictitious deity, however, in the end, it will come back to me, as I to thee.

However, that was but a phase, a daze of my past, a ghost that never leaves me, and I hope it never does in fact, for at the very least I can acknowledge love and pain in their fullest reign within the dreamscape.

Indeed for the pressing moment I will not falter nor will I hinder my own progress, as I am constantly a wave in motion these days, needing to prospect my initiative, my true objective.

For I am a selective mystery, digesting the intricate stars and passing the stardust through my physical entity.

As that is what I was in the beginning, before the meddling of my own egotistical affairs, that is how I presently am, as once more I have been spared, and certainly in the end, I shall pass as I always do, mere twilight ashes under the reign of a thousand suns and the fullest of moons.

Never would I read into runes or any arts that compel me to further seek.

As I’ve practiced them all in past lives many a times, and I’ve come to the conclusion that when you close your eyes and simply still your breath, you can very well find all that it is that we seek.

As we are of the natural cycle, although us humans seem to forget that ever so often, for we live a life ripe with denial, we pursue the ghosts in exile, simply so that we may remember that they are long gone because we put them on trial.

For this matrix long ago conformed to lies hidden within complex disguises, and alas it should be no surprise, that we find ourselves in this vivid hallway of mirrors.

The funny thing is, whenever we look into another’s eyes we refuse to recognize the parallel similarities.

Once we return to the source however, we’ll realize that we truly have forever to remember, oh in fact we shall.

For only fools ride a hopeless wave, hoping to one day dispel, their finite mortality.

As when we return to entirety, we must reap exactly that which we have sown.

I suppose that is why, now, more than ever before, the darkness works tirelessly on the verge of overload, attempting to rewrite the divine code, so that they may attempt in futility, to make creation their very own.

It hasn’t been the first time and it certainly shall not be the last, for humans are fragile and petty things, until they shatter at last into glass.

Here they see, that all along they were neglecting the only true remedy, one within each and every Being, that word alone could very well be the ultimate key.

Through and through, as we punch another key, dialing through the ether, forming in turn what appears to thee.

Lack of understanding in turn forms more and more reprimanding, when all along we may have been withstanding, a solution to the heresy rocking us away from absolution.

What a riddle, maybe you would like to sit and play a little?

For the games we play offer every single figment you could possibly conjure.

At last, welcome to the magical circle, one that spins endlessly until at last we break the cycle, and take a more righteous detour.

Flounder all you wish if you wish to persist, otherwise taken note and acknowledge that you alone are the greatest of gifts.

Grateful to you all. Please support my work by following this blog, which will send you my latest articles automatically. Please do share my work in turn, as I rely on word of mouth to spread.

Sending you Light through Love,


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