The Virtue of Patience

Passing time to the detriment of our own grand design.

On the contrary however, that may be the purpose of some of our lives.

To remain meek and humble without caring for the fact that they may daily take a further stumble.

We alone choose whether or not we are prepared to enter the melting pot.

Without thoughts nor actions, we take part in fluid motion without any distortion.

Wrestling with the variables as they manifest without delay, we portray exactly what we were meant to, ultimately.

A figment of the imagination is invigorating, providing the truest satisfaction.

Without a single delegation, the singular pushes forward whereas the collective dwells within the realm of inaction.

A conduit, one willing, must be prepared to exact the redemption, as we are in a time of hesitation that affects the youth of the first world nations.

While those in the shadows rebel furiously against insurmountable odds, and may they forever be in the favor of those whom are just.

Trust and faith, our two highest arms.

For bullets and bombs may render each human easily, but when the shooter runs out, they will look to the eyes of the crimson and henceforth see their own soul immediately.

Responsible, in a way we all most certainly are, although that is a painful thought wave to traverse, be ready to project rather vile poison if you cannot accept your own part.

Alas as we dance throughout this circle of life, it is far better to have been your own fragment of reality, rather than a futile copy of those whom do not even see their own light.

For we suffer from a plight, we always have and we certainly always will, for the human condition contains every decibel of the known universe, what a thrill within this fictous pill.

Denial, the ever vicious cycle, yet look into another’s astral eyes and you will see, possibilty and uncertainty, the two halves of infinity.

For we are bound within this universal game until we at last forgo the petty ways and allow the truth to reign.

There is no lie that you alone have not feigned, there is nothing more other than ourselves, that we can truly reclaim.

I suppose that is that war, the internal projected into the external.

To go deeper than ever before and free yourself or once more, lose yourself in this chaotic spiral.

For this is our chance, a chance to see through, this illusionary veil that seemingly binds both me and you.

For we know what is due, the seeds of our rotten or holy fruit.

A lesson in remembrance, a lesson so that furthermore we will not repeat the mistakes that henceforth brought us to a state where we refused to see ourselves as all, rather than from a separate point of view.

Patience and understanding, the two most vital of glues, bringing us together under the umbrella of light, or scattered to the abyssal hangman’s noose.

As we are hanging by a thin thread, a connection between spirit and the forgotten gland within our head.

For the primitive future could learn a great deal from the advanced ancients, but further into the birds cage we seem to tread.

Meaningless and frivolous if we refuse to see to our own position, for if there is no flame within our ignition then we seemingly lose our own disposition.

We are of use or seemingly disposable, one and the same the further you transcend into our inner soul.

In the end however we answer to the greatest, that is when we at last recognize our vanity and anguish.

As these words may be meaningless or they may at last offer guidance, in hindsight I see within Zero there is no plus nor is there a minus.

There is simply the whole, and you and I have already paid the toll, which is why we are present, think of it as a gift or a curse, the matter of perspective is certainly entirely yours.

I hope you are having a lovely weekend. If you wish to support my work, please simply follow the blog and share my work among your friends and family, as I rely on word of mouth to spread.

Sending you Light through Love,


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