Love. In. Vital. Essence.

The world itself is a maze, on both the micro and macro level.

We traverse through our own journey, alongside mirrors of ourselves, undergoing their own adventure into the cosmos, in hopes that we shall come to the center, the center being understanding.

Understanding of our own part within this puzzle, and also that of those around us.

This is an epic, there can be no doubt, but we have been clouded on a micro and macro level since our inception, a tribulation of grand proportions that is dotted with trials that we must overcome.

If we hope to ultimately overcome ourselves and truly take our rightful place within unity and comprehension of a far greater picture, that encapsulates infinity.

Alas, we are but finite, but that means not that we should not pursue our own journey to the fullest.

We must not surrender to the fallacy that life itself is meaningless and futile, for if it were meaningless, then why would we, conscious fragments of space dust, have accepted this harrowing challenge to begin with?

The course of our lives is brief, it will be over before we know it, our names and legacy mere dust in the wind, unless of course, we forgo the trials of the micro, and accept our duty within the macro, thus changing not only our own course of fate, but also that of those around us, and in turn, possibly causing a large enough ripple to exact a positive change to the whole structure.

The structure that we are but a block of, Humanity.

Chaos, that is a state that is constant within us as free beings, we always have the choice to change.

To either ascend to our highest potential, or to descend once more to the low points in which we no longer find a meaning.

Chaos is a state of decision or indecision, the end result being creation or destruction, and there shall always be, those who choose to create a better world, and those whom do not understand themselves and furthermore do not understand the collective, who wish to simply destroy it.

The anvil, upon it a masterpiece is tempered and created by an artist, upon the same tool however, a masterpiece is distorted and destroyed by a novice.

It is how we live our lives in accordance with our own truth, our highest self in turn, that we either build a thing of beauty and immaculate design.

Or through ignorance and following the path of our shadow, a leviathan, a monstrosity that knows not it’s place within the natural divine order, and so, uses it to it’s own gain, knowing not that it is damaging itself more than anything.

There may be a truth however, and that is that in order to reach one’s highest levels, one must first descend to the lowest regions of the soul, the cosmos, on a micro and macro level.

When we descend to this darkness, we either realize the futility of this area, which offers nothing but destruction and deceit, or, we revel in the shadows, and eventually become darkness incarnate.

The road to salvation, that is something every Human Being has pondered upon throughout history and shall continue to do so throughout time immemorial, it is within our grasps, to at last be free, to rip the bondage of misunderstanding and collective programming from ourselves and state that we alone possess the vindication to be sovereign and independent from any external manipulation.

Our path is ours alone, and only those whom do not understand their own place would seek to tear our sanity from us.

As a shadow is only cast by the light of the solid figure before it.

We can live in the trail of our truest glory, jealous of those who seek to ascend from the darkness.

The other path, that of the trailblazer and innovator, shall always find a way to stay ahead of the darkness stalking behind, and eventually, expose it to the light of truth and love that it clearly seeks, evaporating it into thin air.

For this life may be anything but fair at times, certainly however that is a matter of perspective.

As there is a brother or sister of ours out there that has lived a life certainly neglected, but managed to heal themselves entirely through understanding, and now stands upon their own pinnacle, certainly unaffected.

We rise only to fall, that is a cycle, one that must be smashed within our own hourglass so that we may create the truest state.

One that does not separate, one that does not fuel hate, one that does not shadow dance, one that embraces unity, one that protrudes loves, one that rises to the challenge every moment without a second glance.

Allow this to be a lesson, one filled with the highest hope and truest affection, so that you may further your own truth and set an intention that will allow you to feel the highest connection.

For within Unity and Understanding, we may in turn learn to love even those who have committed the highest of transgressions.

So allow yourself to breathe with ease, allow the harassment of oneself to cease, utter honesty and flow with the breeze, for every day and night, we alone can break the monsters that seek to allow a destructive cycle to repeat, and in turn, create happiness rather than misery.

Thank you for reading my friends. I am grateful as always, for this moment of understanding and release. Support my work by following the blog and sharing with your friends and family, as I rely on word of mouth for my message to spread.

Sending you Light through Love,


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