You are that which I am

We are all a product of expansion, down which path we have chosen to expand upon through our free will is entirely up to us ultimately.

As each day and night allows oneself to further evolve or on the contrary, devolve, we are constantly in the midst of change.

We are always determining which choice we shall make, how we shall further expand.

It is a twofold path initially, that multiplies exponentially throughout ones life.

We are left with ourselves in the end, a product of the choices that we have made.

Which is exactly why it is ever so important to be present and concious upon the path you are choosing to expand upon.

Is it truly you, your highest self, that has dictated and resolved that this is without a doubt your calling that you shall see through until the very end?

Or, is there a possibilty that you have been influenced on an external level and internally your soul is screaming for you to reconsider that which you presently intend to deliver.

For we can be led astray in ever so many ways in this chaotic day and age, we can be fueled by energy that may not align with our own truth ultimately.

However the power that courses through our veins when we accept a fallacy as reality may be enough for us to forfeit our own reign of freedom.

And that is not an uncommon nor an exceptional case, that we forgoe the contract we made with ourselves long ago in order to fit the jurisdiction of keeping pace within this petty rat race.

Losing track of whom we once were without a trace, an empty shell, an unknown face, that is what now tends to fill our space.

Yet never is it too late, on the contrary, if you choose to once more take hold, that is the ultimate test of fortitude that you could possibly demonstrate.

As through each and every challenge that drains us beyond comprehension, we believe we have lost a piece of ourselves.

Once reclaimed, that lost fragment then fuels our essence to a state of incomprehensible personal growth.

For we lose ourselves in vain and then either are lost within the abyss or choose to transmute the pain into something far greater than hopelessness or disdain.

We once more take the journey, the endless train, to continue acknowledging and divulging that which makes us whole within a universal mystery, doesn’t that sound far more appropriate then allowing your life to refrain.

For we are left with memories, they always leave a stain, yet what remains is what we choose to perceive life itself as individually, tell me, do you remember the glory or victory or merely the sorrow of defeat.

For in truth the love I feel for each and every one of you allows my heart to continue to beat.

For inherently we are all part of one another, our bodies awake as our spirits are in slumber and vice versa.

We are the annals of time, and we must break free of the collective spell that dismisses our truth and condones lies.

As ancient and future, they both coincide, it is how we live our present lives that dictates if we heal at last or truly descend and slide.

For there is no reason to hide, our hearts show the path in which we must abide.

The time is now as it always has been, you begin when you at least realize the entire universe crawls within your deep and beautiful skin.

For we are an object of adversity, quarreling with ourselves until we objectively fortify our heart against the ever rising tide.

As inside is where we begin to see, that the only loss truly is inaction towards how you feel as that is where you are meant to be.

The seed is planted and shall grow in turn, be fruitful and rather than multiply your complications, simplify your additions and discover what it is that you have always yearned.

We are the product of our own design after all, whether we are concious of that simple matter of the fact and stand tall or unconciously take the fall, the choice is entirely up to ourselves after all.

I hope you know how lovely and fantastic you are my friends. Seriously. Never forget how intrinsically important you are as a part of the whole. If you wish to support my work, simply follow the blog, please spread it to your friends and family as I rely on word of mouth to get my message around.

Sending you Light through Love,


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