Dissect Fact from Fiction

Truth is very reminiscent of our overall health.

As there is a peace that comes to our heart when inherently we know that which we have divulged is completely in alignment with our values and intuition.

When we act in accordance with the simplicity within, there is a constant flow of energy and inner peace resides within our essence.

When we go against our gut feeling and dictate a separate approach to how we truly feel, blockages within as well as inner conflicts in regards to why we are incapable of simply being true, manifest in accordance.

This is an issue that affects the micro, single human beings, as well as the macro, our collective species as a totality.

When individual human beings lie and manipulate, unless they are complete psychopaths, they will inherently acknowledge the wrong they have committed.

Not only against the others involved within the fabrication, but against themselves as well.

The old saying goes, you are only lying to yourself, for a reason.

In truth, you are only lying to yourself, for unless someone is exceptionally intuitive or an expert in reading the tell tale signs of a liar, you will be the only one aware of the fallacy that you have spewed rather than the simple truth.

Ultimately, you are going to have to live with that, it shall grow inside of you, no one else.

On the macro level as well, once a lie has been made, it can act as fire and spread rather quickly among the collective, and as a social species, we are just as fond as disinformation as we are of information, as rarely is the common individual capable of disseminating fact from fiction.

Once spread, a lie can very quickly get out of hand, to the point where the author of the fabrication is no longer known, and in fact, other individuals have added to the lie with their own addition to the fabrication, after all, human beings are natural storytellers.

This fire can damage true information severely, it can also damage relationships and the reputations of upstanding individuals who were related to the root truth and entrusted another with the information of a fact, believing it would not be altered.

The simple matter of the fact is that telling the truth, as stated earlier, not only frees us from bondage to a fallacy that can certainly injure our own state of well being, it allows the truth to spread in its purity, allowing others to see the fact for what it truly is and always has been.

Manipulation and the act of spreading lies has become more commonplace than ever before, it is clear to see in this day and age that the truth is rarely respected nor is it appreciated.

To be honest, it is understandable, as lies only further expand upon lies, and we live in a society of a constant flow of sanctioned information in which there is rarely any true journalistic investigation in regards to what is being pushed on the millions of of various platforms that we have access to.

Those that push forward truth uncovered are typically in turn under fire by an agenda built upon lies, which, when challenged by the truth and seeing it’s foundation begin to crumble, lashes out the only way it has ever known how, in anger and fear.

Which is why so many would rather not ask questions, they would rather be suspended in detention that prolongs their ability to infer which format is in fact the correct dictation.

As we all have a choice, they are not scarce nor are they few, the options are endless, and the solution begins with I as it does with you.

The simple matter of the fact is that if you decide to fly through life true, then you will never look over your shoulder twice, wondering if in fact you chose the right thing to do.

Allow your heart to bleed and in turn eventually it shall renew, bringing you back to the beginning, clean slate in which the grand story has and always shall, revolve around the ever shifting perspective, the point of view known as you.

Have yourselves a lovely weekend, and stay safe wherever you may be. Trust your gut and follow your heart. As always, support me by following the blog and sharing my work with your friends and family.

Sending you Light through Love,


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