The Wild and the Broken

You can’t tame a wild animal.

Rather, you may be able to break its spirit, subduing its primal passion down to hardly a spark of its originating capacity, but you cannot tame it from it’s initial state.

For that would be against the animals true nature.

The same goes for Human beings ultimately.

You are incapable and always will be of taming another individual to meet your ideal perspective of how they ought to be.

However, through neglect and negativity, you may certainly devalue their self worth to a point where they no longer recognize their natural values and passion, their inherent truth.

The same goes for positive reinforcement, the opposite of the latter, which is a gentle way of guiding another through thoughts and actions that accelerate their evolution in a positive manner.

The simple matter of the latter fact applies however, you cannot force another individual to apply truth and positive lessons to their life, if they in fact want nothing to do with that state or are not prepared for that step in the right direction.

In fact, attempting to force another against their own nature typically produces the opposite effect intended, thricefold.

For we are all independent beings operating under our own free will, whether we are concious of that fact or unconcious to it, is inherently all apart of our own journey of discovery.

For we must learn discipline and apply the wisdom we have attained in life in order to first recognize our freedom and then, use what we have learned to gently nudge our brothers and sisters in the right direction.

Human Beings are far easier to manipulate than animals, for animals are at least knowledgeable of their role within the natural cycle, they are constant and present in whatever task they have been known to effect since their inception, Humans however, are capable of thought and change, on a constant basis.

This means that Humans who are more skillful in the act of thought and change, more adaptable mentally and physically and in tune (or in far more cases, far out of tune) with their spirit, are able to alter the thoughts and actions of their less adept brothers and sisters.

The western world of capitalism is largely based on psychology, marketing and statistics, as well as business of course.

By that I mean, it is based on manipulation and observation of the ebbs and flow of how to maximize one’s profits, regardless of the detriment it may cause to its immediate surroundings.

The western world plays the “short game”, aware of its immediate short term gains without projecting how in fact those short term gains may lead to long term loss.

This is apparent in our relationships, be they business, social, familial, romantic, etc.

Typically, if individuals dont meld immediately, or if they are not willing to meet one another on a balanced state where they can begin to understand one anothers differences, they will simply abandon the interaction in favour of one that may suit their more immediate needs.

Despite the fact that in the long run, this relationship may in fact prove far more nefarious than the latter relationship that required balance.

You can’t tame a wild animal, so why would you expect an initial interaction to go exactly how you intend?

If you do expect such gratification, then you must become a master manipulator, but then in fact it would not be an interaction whatsoever, for you would be damaging the other individuals spirit and mental health.

Either that, or you are meeting rather dull individuals whom are looking for love in all the wrong places, individuals whom have already been broken by previous interactions and have not yet attained the capacity to heal.

What I am describing on a micro and macro level, which I prescribed to being a large part of the overall attitude of the west, is a narcissistic and parasitic relationship, one of the two main relationships found in nature.

Something I have written about frequently in the past, and always find myself expanding upon.

There is of course the truth that Humans are incredibly diverse and constantly changing, and that this attitude certainly does not define all westerners, in fact, most people are simply trying to get by and are operating at a very unconcious level, unaware of what they sow and in turn reap.

There is of course the opposite in society, as throughout history there has been, of concious and dedicated persons who seek to invoke change through the various levels of society and their relationships in a positive and symbiotic manner.

These are the individuals who do not seek to break nor tame others nor the societal constructs that we have built ourselves into, but through love and understanding, attempt to guide those who operate in a unconcious and parasitic manner towards a more honest and symbiotic way of operating.

It is always a choice, a personal choice without a doubt, if you believe in fate or destiny then you may in fact be dooming yourself to living life linearly, not concious of the fact that the only element that cant enact change in a positive manner on a micro level is yourself and yourself alone.

Others will certainly seek to tame and break you into what they deem you to be, which will ultimately never be good enough and constantly shifting, and alas, you are through free will allowing this damage to occur to you from another, so it certainly does go both ways.

Others of course, will certainly be your Angel’s, guiding you through their own wisdom so that you may in turn begin to enact change in a positive manner within your own life.

Ultimately, it does certainly boil down to the individual to determine what it is that they truly wish to make of this life, no one else can dictate that for you.

We have but a sliver in time to enact our truth upon this magical plane we call reality.

It may in fact be time to listen to your innermost soul above all else if you wish to truly reveal to yourself what in fact your purpose appears to be.

Although trust with others is incredibly vital in this day and age and always has been, it is in fact far more important to trust your gut feeling and intuition in regards to choices that shall either propel you forward towards your truth, and repel you backwards towards a cycle of lies that we as Human beings become all too familiar with in this day and age.

It’s very important to also remember my friends, that we are most certainly wild, we are most certainly part of the natural cycle, we are interconnected through all that is on a cellular and genetic level.

Pursue understanding and integration, rather than dichotomies and separation, and trust me, you will begin to live a much happier and more fulfilling life.

Above all else, love yourself.

No one else can fill that void, it’s not easy, however we are the best friend and greatest lover we possess, for if we are incapable of filling those roles for ourselves, how do we expect to fill those roles truthfully and earnestly for others?

I hope you enjoyed reading this article as much as I enjoyed writing it. Writing is a form of healing and integration for me, and it always serves its purpose. I wish you well and please do support my work by following the blog and sharing my pieces with your friends and family.

Sending you Light through Love,


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