Counting Silver Sheep

In times of distress, humor can be a rather formidable ally.

For there is a constant ebb and flow that we are inherently guided by, written by external guidelines.

There are those whom seek to abide by these natural laws and those whom wish to control, rendering the hopeful thought of one into an fragment of that which could be ever so vital.

In denial we could very well be in tune forces that would rather have you weep in defeat than defiant and ultimately in victory.

These are the very same that fear that they themselves are out of control and shall never find what it is that they begrudgingly seek.

For the thieves and the tyrants may appear to be powerful, crowded with jewels laden by the pain of those who dug them up and polished them until they were no longer dull.

Yet if we take but a moment to still ourselves and suddenly see, that freedom and sovereignty are the two possessions each and every soul upon this planet truly receives.

Receives once they acknowledge that they may have in fact been deceived, forced to play a game as a pawn in which upon their passing they are written off as a receipt.

A part of the resource pool to utilize and degrade, no not today, we shall inspire an alternate version to this play.

For we have been beaten down, transformed and betrayed as collective, through the trials of separation, we must acknowledge that it is only ourselves whom we have neglected.

For in the mirror you will see a million faces, just as you see upon the concrete laden street.

The interconnection of each and every one of us is a simple matter of universal law, so why would you bear another grief?

With good fortune, honesty and integrity, we can begin to draw a line, a new version upon the sands of time in which we ultimately decide, to create anew, our world.

For the benefit of not only ourselves but the current and future youth, for this life is ours alone if we simply divulge from the programming and see that all along we have been leading a life that we did not in fact choose.

It begins with opening our eyes, and relatively investigating that which does not coincide with our heart’s alignment, the only compass that can help you truly decide if you happen to be following truth and encompassing a harmonious state.

For the inner world reflects in the outer, and if you remain in slumber then you are simply defining your own fate.

We are in control as we always have been, yet that must freedom must be rediscovered in this day and age and then once more claimed.

Otherwise you are simply another statistic, wandering endlessly upon this universal page.

In fact, this is no stage, despite what the lost may state, we are no actors, we are whom we have always appeared to be.

For to live a lie is to act your energy away, displacing your own innermost emotions to be replaced by monetary gain.

This is something you and I, we will never feign, unless you decide to go back to sleep, then maybe we will meet again one day.

Hopefully it will not be too late, for the illusion of time continues to press forth, all that ever was and ever will be is manifest at this present, so it is time we get to work.

Sending you Light through Love,


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