Vanity, Distortion or Purity?

Interestingly enough that I am where I am, perceiving the reality before me within my own skin.

Present within my own flesh and blood and acknowledging the thoughts that flow through my essence.

A unique and utterly different experience from that which you happen to be in the midst of, and it shall always be such a way.

It appears that although I may struggle at times to delve into my own inhospitable domain, there are other fragments that are in the grips of an ever engulfing struggle, one that damns them further into the depths of darkness, rarely allowing one to surface for a breath of true air.

It can be rather impossible to bear and even more difficult to acknowledge, however I emphasize in between the lines and can be but a witness to this decision, that is guided with the utmost precision, and shall ultimately find itself home within a direct correlation.

For every event is interconnected and the emotions of those whom feel aimless, within our collective heart they are constantly projected.

For the shadows thrive on those whom have been neglected and rejected, the serpents slither and whisper to many that the time has come to face the abyss and end it.

To this I say, be but a witness, for your life and mine and all others are driven by divinity and true purpose, love of all including oneself is the only message that can possibly pierce the veil in which we find ourselves without protection and upon a lost direction.

Affection begins with a simple choice, although our surroundings at times can be incomprehensible to another’s point of view, we must break free and listen to the inner voice of our soul that is burning as brightly as the Sun.

Rather than abiding by the fictitious villains who bid you to pick up the mental noose or loaded gun.

For this is a day and age of constant noise, which seeks to rip apart the stillness of oneself that would awaken the memories that make us feel ever so alive.

As we are manifest for far more than to simply survive.

Soon, our critical mass shall collide, and even those whom believe themselves to be untouchable shall feel the love of truth that they so often seek to avoid.

With great difficulty, we must venture through this world and accept that which has always been due, our destiny, which is not of futility, a noble deed that we must choose to receive.

As this is not mere fate, unless we decide and guide ourselves to a higher purpose, we shall continue to wander aimlessly and serve nothing more than what our life recedes to.

I wish, oh how I certainly do, I knew then what I know now, yet that would serve me very little, as I would not have earned the truth.

If only I could take the pain away from each and every one of you and burn up as a star, yet the savior complex has destroyed far more of us than it has inherently saved, has it not?

For on second thought we alone are capable of purifying our shadows and casting away false light, in order to become whom we have always been, a force that acknowledges the present situation and despite it’s difficulty, continues to do what is right.

As we are natural warriors despite what archetype you may currently cling to, the Human spirit has and shall always fight when it truly needs to.

For the weak, blind and uncertain, we must truly disperse the heavy load that has been burdened upon us by those who since the beginning of this inception have designed a dark world that can be ever so misleading.

Riddled with information and riddles that serve only to further confuse, unless you saw it with your own two eyes from a point of non judgement, how can you infer what is true?

Experience the Experience before thee, as we are all rooted to the same eternal world tree, and we alone decide whether we are sovereign and free, capable of loving infinitely or on the contrary, if we are simply to bend the knee in the name of ignorance, lies and monetary greed.

A time will come when you laugh and ridicule or simply see, then we shall dictate if we will truly be, or act upon the veil and allow this illusion to naturally recede.

The choice is as much up to you, as it is to me.

I wish you good tidings my friends and pray that you are well. You know the drill, please follow the blog to stay updated with my recent works and inform yours friends and family of my blog, for word of mouth is how my work spreads.

Sending you Light through Love,


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